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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Funny but kinda sad Nun-Fu video and a quality (and likely more valuable) link, Google Page Designer, the browser-based WYSIWYG html solution. Pretty cool, even though it needs IE.

I'm still hooked on Opera b/c it's so damned fast (on the PC, at least) and it's pretty much virus-proof. I even paid the $20 for mine! (Nowadays they give it out free.)

Also just bought Nuance's Dragon Naturally Speaking v8. $80, hope it works. Voice-to-text is a long overdue software revolution, IMHO. (Sore fingers/wrists/back.)
Finished my 1st draft of a screenplay (still revising & having it read in my screenwriting class), and thought I might take a whack at my next screenplay by dictating it.

Last -- took a work trip to NYC. Saw protestors outside the World Trade Center train station. They were supporting 911truth.org, have you checked it? They're starting to get more attention in bigger media as Bush's ratings drop.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Glenn points me to Chronicle of Narnia (Lazy Sunday) responses lazy monday and Lazy Muncie.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

You know, walk the earth, meet people... get into adventures. Like Caine from "Kung Fu."

A vonnegut piece with reading recommendations

He quotes H.L. Mencken in his Humanist speech

mencken's "A Bum's Christmas"

link following here, I haven't read all this: In Mark Twain's Americanism, Mencken references Twain's What is Man. More twain, concerning tobacco

Twain references the Holmes chicago murder castle in a 10 commandment piece. that story would make a great horror movie.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Friends, let's talk politics.
OK, skip politics.
I can do that on my blog (BTW, my most recent post is on ipod zombies, computer zombies, and TV zombies).

Check out this cool-ass touch-screen video of newly acquired Apple tech.

And everyone has seen the new Google Sidebar, yes? I rec installing it. It's quite impressive, as are the plugsin. I had the open-source Desktop Sidebar running forever, still like that one, too.
People keep making claims that Google's going to make it's own set-top box, or that it's making it's own computer... I think Google is the first company to realize the network is the computer, AND go after that big-time. Who knows, they might wind up being the next Blockbuster (on top of all the rest) by dishing out .mpg's of all the online movies.

Also a cool article about the $100 laptops -- ie 1 laptop per child -- the brainchild of a group working on it at MIT. These boxes are not going to be available to consumers but governments only, in orders of 1 million or more. Specs are RedHat Linux, 500mhz CPU, powerable by battery chargeable by alternative means (hand crank, solar, and bicycle), no harddrive, built-in 500megs storage, 4 USB ports, and wireless 'mesh' internet access (I still don't understand this bit). I wonder if this will be real? Target release date is 4th Qtr 2006.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

ad comments on commenting:

I feel relatively ignorant on politics, not to mention responding to an Ari post would require one to understand an Ari post (badum dum..) I did enjoy his world travel observations.

I often find myself starting, then abandoning a post if I realize it doesn't have a point.
Sometimes I go as far as trying to learn stuff and then jump in, but my effforts usually ends up abandonded, usually when I have link hopped myself into a headache.

For example I start reading about Hugo Chavez, leading to Marxism, and Hegelian dialectics

Nother example was trying to follow up on references in Tim Robbins Embedded about Straussian Neoconservatism

actually of all those links, the dialectics one may be the most relevant.

bleh. it all makes my head hurt and in the end I have nothing to say.. maybe Big E was right. Politics sux.

I still don't much care for rules or censorship.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Glenn vs Ari: I'm all for individualism, but it shouldn't be at the expense of poor people. I'm an idealist that thinks we have enough $$ for feeding everyone, housing everyone, and also keeping the wealthy capitalist exploiters at the top, if that's what everyone wants.

I do enjoy link-sharing, but that's not why I post on the blog. Mostly, I do it b/c there are a couple people on here that I don't hang with, and I'm happy to see they're alive & well.

** I did NOT 'edit' Erik's post. I did put in a VISIBLE comment. I'm guessing he went in and re-edited it. Now it's by far more considerate and written in the language of true gentlemenly discourse. PROPS to Erik for that! **

Ari vs whoever steps up next: Someone name-calls me a radical, that's fine. I KNOW I'm a radical, it's nothing to be ashamed of. Gandhi & MLK were radicals, as were the early unionists, the founding fathers of the USA, Jesus, Moses, Abraham, etc etc. Name-calling me a radical is a COMPLIMENT. (Yeah, Hitler & Napoleon fit in the list too, but their radicalism was whack!)

Calling Hugo Chavez a Marxist is foolish and innacurate. He's a socialist & an anti-imperialist, and since he's INSIDE his govt, why would he try to have it overthrown? Socialists put people before profit and capital. It's here in the USA, home of the free, where we work hard at overthrowing foreign govts (even elected democratic ones usually to install US puppet rulers), and the USA has a higher success rate.

I tried to spare everyone, but you can read the rest on REkzkaRZ blog :'Friendly Fascism RANT'.

I'm nearing the GH line, so I'll end my post there. Thanks for that limit, Doc! (I do better with structure.)

so, are we done now?

ari, I called the discussion Erik v. Ari to denote those major authors of the discussion. It was not to denote some sort of war or conflict as such.

However, I find it extremely interesting that YOU renamed it "Ari v Erik" --are we looking at some sort of subconscious self-importance which has revealed itself in your writing. furthermore, can we conclude then with these notions of self-importance, that to you the individual is more important overall? i.e., with the rearrangement of the names, and placing your name first, shows some need to establish yourself as the protagonist or even the victor of the discussion or conflict or however it is you see those entries. thus, with your own such self-identity, you the individual is more emphasized. Since you wrote this, it follows that individuals are more important in your mind which seems inconsistent with the ideology you write about.

or something like that. what the hell do I know anyway?

I'd really like to talk about more links anyway.

Here's the link to Facade--this is a free "interactive story" which is basically in the form of a first person game. check it out yourself, it's worth it. you need a 1 Ghz or so cpu though. this is a good example of modern game design.

From the people at AD's USC comes Cloud. This thing is so damn crazy. Ari should like this. You play a floating spirit and fly through the clouds. Try it before you comment. The best part about it is that it is a complete build of the game and it is entirely free! Private education at its best, bringing benefit to the masses.

Though some entries are of questionable quality, Wikipedia is a great timewaster. I got back up to speed on the different computer parts using some of its entries. It's kind of like the internet, there's stuff written about nearly everything you can think of on it.

Check this site out with pod/vidcasts from old TechTV dudes.

Cross-topic link--check this out, it analyzes what you like and plays what it thinks you might like.

Pretty soon this guy is going to recreate the ENIAC, and in about 100 years he'll make an iMac.

Of course, if you want more content, you could just check this site out, but it is too commercialized for my tastes. It's got boobies though.

blah blah blah

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Alien, dug that True Majority link. You're a sly dog, eh? Love how you avoid conflict.
By the way, I also liked the guns website. Crazy urban tech....
I guess b/c of WWII & the Wild West, I'm ok w/easy access to all kinds of weapons for law abiding citizens.

damn i tried to implement peek a boo comments but I think I flubbed it. maybe we can test drive a few standard templates and see if anything is nice...

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Please read my comment on this post for my 'Euro-America takeover' RANT from a non-Christian perspective.

Just saw this on break.com, disturbing video Iraqi kids beat up by British soldiers. I'm not sure the audio is real, but probably it is.

I don't think there is an 'Ari v Erik', per se. It's just more that our outspoken political polarity reveals itself over time.

I agree with Glenn's comments, mostly. So Glenn, when did you get out of the Psych Ward? HA HA
However, to restate, I think if people make personal attacks (thus violating the friendliness factor of the board), I think the target can add their own comments INSIDE the post, rather than comment on a hidden page -- either to retaliate, or whatever -- remembering the spirit of the Blog is to keep things friendly, and I think most of us believe in freedom of speech. My comment was in a different color, so why not think of it as an 'inserted comment' instead of as an edit to your post?

re: some of my old rants, I apologize if I offended anyone for over-stating my leftist harangues and also for slamming Christianity & Catholicism.

I often rant louder b/c of 'conservative viewpoints', plus the USA is so bombarded with false or inaccurate media that I do feel morally compelled to post further to the Left. Now that I have my own Blog, though, so I think that might mellow my postings here.

Last comments: Finally reading Spiegelman's MAUS comic, and re-reading Orwell's 1984 again. Wow, it's a heavy combo. Seems like Bush & Cheney have used 1984 as a game plan. Bin Laden is surprisingly a near-match to the Goldstein character of 1984.

Re: Erik v. Ari...
Though I am not one of the original creators/posters on this blog I believe that the spirit of the blog is that it is a forum for free speech and expression. As such, I also do not believe in restrictions or limitations at all.

Additionally, I completely agree with the point that we should not edit each other's posts--each entry should stand as written. (It is an interesting moral point that we are given the power to change each others words, but as yet no one has rewritten one another's entries to alter the meaning initially presented--or at least not that I have noticed.)

I don't think we necessarily need to comment on each others posts--in fact, I think an entry that stands without comment speaks much to the fact that it has been largely ignored and dismissed overall. To be honest, I don't even finish some of the longer entries that some of the authors post because I've heard better ramblings in the psych ward.

We will all approach this blog with our own agendas and purposes, and take from it what we choose.

The one fact that remains is that the blog will die if it is not fed and maintained.

So here are some links to entertain you while you ignore this very long post.

For Erik. (I think I posted link before, but I just love it.)
For Ari. (couldn't think of anything else in my favorites list)

NSFW section......NSFW section......NSFW section......
Lindsay Lohan song.
Subject of previous song.
New plan for the blog?
NSFW flashes
NSFW section end......NSFW section end......NSFW section end.......

I'll put more stuff in another post, this one's reached the ignore length.

Friday, March 03, 2006

so, anyways.. Glenn was showing me his new PC rig and assorted timewaster sites, such as video site Wimp (example link soccer clips), the idiotic flash site (but the name still cracks me up), YTMND,
e.g. PTKFGS pistol grip (the new YTMND) can anyone id the guitar sample? I guess there is a punk band called pistol grip but the few songs i tried to listen to didn't sound as hard... and can anyone id the second vocal bit, looked it up, from highlander "Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez"

and many more I forgot.
lots of garbage on all of em of course..
"White boy got it like that" prolly harder than you think cause the beat didn't change..
or how about Whiteboy vs Vato fight
Some crazy free game Facade (?)
the google map software thing ari was talking about too.

where else do you find crazy stupid shit like that?

that overheard site got some funny shit.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

AD said: " I would much rather see rebuttals, and discussion, humorous or not, than introduce broad subject limitations."

OK, fair enough -- no need for a rule. BUT - I am HEREBY CALLING THE REST OF YOU OUT. When Ari makes one of his radical leftist comments, or I make one of my pro-war or libertarian arguments, it's time to put up or shut up. Post your comment, even if it's short like "I agree" or "This is dumb," and let us all know where you stand. My point about wanting a rule was because I would come to the blog and read some of these posts that are seriously over the edge, and there is no rebuttal, no discussion, nothing. I can't tell if you're just ignoring Ari, or if you think he has a valid point.

So: Ari makes a post lauding Hugo Chavez, who I think is an anti-American Marxist not worthy of anyone's praise. Thoughts? Because if you don't care, I say we open a politics blog and leave it off this one.

(And Ari, please, under no circumstances edit one of my posts. There's a comment function for a reason. And I apologize for insulting you -- it was just done for effect. You my boy, blue.)

if you have a half an hour watch the spore video game demo. wow.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I wrote a lengthy response to Erik's insult, and then I realized there's no point. Erik, I guess you feel entitled to make offensive comments about me on this blog?

How about instead of making immature rules about not posting political comments, we follow a concept of acting like gentlemen and being respectful to a diversity of opinion?

I have my views and you have yours. You don't have to agree w/me, or vice versa. For that matter, you don't have to read my posts, either. I will not call your posts 'fucking idiotic' (even if you are misguided), and you can show me the same respect.

Just b/c we see right-wing neo-fascist pundits make belittling attacks on people who disagree with them, that in no way means it's acceptable here or anywhere.

Evo's Sweater (not quite what I was looking for)