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Friday, March 10, 2006

Glenn vs Ari: I'm all for individualism, but it shouldn't be at the expense of poor people. I'm an idealist that thinks we have enough $$ for feeding everyone, housing everyone, and also keeping the wealthy capitalist exploiters at the top, if that's what everyone wants.

I do enjoy link-sharing, but that's not why I post on the blog. Mostly, I do it b/c there are a couple people on here that I don't hang with, and I'm happy to see they're alive & well.

** I did NOT 'edit' Erik's post. I did put in a VISIBLE comment. I'm guessing he went in and re-edited it. Now it's by far more considerate and written in the language of true gentlemenly discourse. PROPS to Erik for that! **

Ari vs whoever steps up next: Someone name-calls me a radical, that's fine. I KNOW I'm a radical, it's nothing to be ashamed of. Gandhi & MLK were radicals, as were the early unionists, the founding fathers of the USA, Jesus, Moses, Abraham, etc etc. Name-calling me a radical is a COMPLIMENT. (Yeah, Hitler & Napoleon fit in the list too, but their radicalism was whack!)

Calling Hugo Chavez a Marxist is foolish and innacurate. He's a socialist & an anti-imperialist, and since he's INSIDE his govt, why would he try to have it overthrown? Socialists put people before profit and capital. It's here in the USA, home of the free, where we work hard at overthrowing foreign govts (even elected democratic ones usually to install US puppet rulers), and the USA has a higher success rate.

I tried to spare everyone, but you can read the rest on REkzkaRZ blog :'Friendly Fascism RANT'.

I'm nearing the GH line, so I'll end my post there. Thanks for that limit, Doc! (I do better with structure.)


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