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Saturday, March 29, 2003

Kobe Bryant.

Richard Jefferson.


SL: Yes. good. Jordan was good too.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

playing with your cat

Flye's in Vegas, muchacho so he could use a house shitter I think. Oh BART!!!

thinking of taking a trip to the bay this weekend. that would mean leaving friday and returning sunday. any takers for a road trip?

what are your weekend plans looking like? can you house a poor soul? Flye? RM?

[RM: Probably more comfortable in Erik's otherwise unoccupied house but you can always crash here, too. Going to Stephan's show (actually it's a Rocker T show) Sunday night with Raelle and probably a few other folks, and you should come along if you can hang around until Monday morning. If you've got a demo of Lemon's Motivation then I'd be interested in taking a listen while you're up.]

fucked up pictures of dead US soldiers

Monday, March 24, 2003

Would it be in poor taste to draw your attention to the Gulf War II Drinking Game? Perhaps, but too late now.

[E: plus, with those rules there will be a whole lotta drinking going on.]

[SL: If you like drinking, and i know you do...paly the Warmas drinking game. Declare warmas on your close friends and drink until you pass out where you sleep. For unique warmas experiences, ambush those whom you declare Warmas on by slipping glasses of Hennessey in between beers and margaritas. Works best if you dress in civilian garb. although wearing a kevlar helmet is highly recommended for passing out around sharp corners.]

Saturday, March 22, 2003

finalizing my CD art. now available at deviant art .

my deviant art page

there is lots of cool stuff to check out on that site, you can even create your own galleries of your favorites.

Friday, March 21, 2003

CBS.SportsLine.com - Shaq's milestone ball scribbled with insulting expletive

SL: yeah, thats some fucked up shit to do. and now you made Shaq daddy mad?!?! Cant wait for playoff time.

hey, anyone (AD)check out the California Tabacco securitization bonds? Kind of a new thing, so their yields are holding up better then most bonds. I saw a couple with 6.250 and 6.75 coupons and equal yields (e.g. priced 98.65 and 99.99 respectively). Besides the normal bond bogies of inflation & creditworthiness, these are tied to Cigarette sales, so if everyone quits I am fucked

my big problem is as a poor ass individual investor I can't buy 1500 of those puppies. More like 100. How do I get a small allotment of these?

AD hasn't heard of em before, agrees nice yields, couldn't click thru second link, doesn't know how to get just a few (ask broker?).

Thursday, March 20, 2003

bloggers of the world unite! A blog from a guy in Iraq, until he loses connection or power.

how do I make the picture smaller? There are actually 4 chicks in it & i don't want to take the whole page

[jv sez: I fixed it for you with my amazing command of RAW html!]

Let loose the dogs of war?

I give up, I give up

AD puts up the maybe not at work ta-ta alert.

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

a movie i made for you all

go and make your own.

[jv sez: OK fine, I did. BTW, your shit was funny.]

{AD tried}

War already underway?

SL: most def. bombs over baghdad. hmmmm could this be Operation OutKast?
I'm intereseted in your feelings on this war. personally I have to agree that Sadamm needs to get the #*&#$(* out. I also find it hard to believe this is just a war over oil. I ran into my fair share of protesters in westwood on my way to school and they seemed very uninformed. lots of signs saying "no war for oil" and "an eye for an eye is not the answer". I wonder if these people would protest against Sadamm in Iraq, and how quickly they'd be shot down in the streets for doing so. And, if they would hope the Iraqi people could live without the fear of their family members being "kidnapped" for expressing their anti-Sadamm opinions. The loss of life is always tragic, but I feel that this confrontation with Sadamm was eventually going to happen. Its better now before he has nuclear capabilities as well as further bio-weapons available to him. I truely hope our agenda is "free Iraq" and we help the people establish a fair government. *ending rant now*

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

its not every day you get a firm wide email like this: "I received a phone call from ***** advising me that Mark **** is a transsexual and will now be known as Grace ****. We should all be sensitive to this matter." I mean, should we be given an official grace period to just crack up and ask OMGWTF?

[hehe - "Grace period." heh.]

SH Oh man, I totally spaced and can't claim credit for that. So, is March 23d taken in teh Invade Iraq poll?It works for me. Three days of bombing, armed 1st Expeditionary force hauls ass to Bagdad and other Marines take BAsra, all over by Easter.

ok. i'm thinking of renaming the LP. the reason is, i want to do an instrumental album after i release this. i would hope to use alot of old beats along with some new creations featuring some of the local bloggers here. JV? Flye? So, I'd like to call the instrumental LP "Beat to Clean Your Room to..." . here are my thoughts for the initial release titles:

1. OMGWTF (oh my god what the fuck)
2. When life gave me lemons...
3. Issues
4. Stoned Amongst Pebbles
5. Stone Amongst Pebbles
6. The Institudio
7. the_crack
8. Motivation
9. Motivation Motion
10. The Write Hemisphere
11. Producing from the Right side of the Brain
12. Lemonade
13. Planting Seeds
14. Spark Twain and the Adventures Hussleberry Slim

feel free to add to this list. offer any suggestions please. i need to finalize the title soon. in the next day or so.

RM: Of the above, my favorite is "The Adventures Of Hussleberry Slim" (w/out the Spark Twain). But then you might be holding yourself out as a "hustler" which people might interpret different ways. Other M. Twain book titles that might work are "Roughing It" or "How To Tell A Story" or "A True Story." Or you could just use your standout track for the LP name, e.g., "Lemons For Lemonade." /2cents

SL: good feedback. what about "Lemon's Motivation" ... [RM sez: sounds good too, going with the standout track concept.]
SH: If you're putting other tracks on, how about Laker for Life featuring Javaning J.V.? Motivation Motion sounds ambient, if that's what you're looking for. I've always liked the name SKEK, but it ain't got nothing to do with anything but SOuth Park.

[RM adds: Lemon's Drops. And in the same way that SH has an affection for "SKEK," I have also always liked the phrase "Ay, Que Grandes!" but I don't see how that applies here.]

magic trickery

dooodoodoodoodoodoodoo (sounds like twilight zone music)

"How the (bleep) did Mike Bibby make the team?" O'Neal asked. "Any Cub Scout with Boy Scouts can do Boy Scoutish things, but when the (blankety-blanker) was in the Cub Scouts, he was a Cub Scout."

An explanation followed.

"When the (blankety-blanker) was in Vancouver," O'Neal said of Bibby, who was a star in last season's playoffs, "nobody hears about his (blankety-blank), but now he's in Sac. That's some (horsebleep) he's on the (U.S.) team. I ain't going."


SL: mwhahaha. i love it.

I seen you on TV last night Sony (& Juansteen). Paul said you had a cute little baby. He failed to mention the terribly ugly ogre/beast holding her. They didn't show Jen, so I figure she was wearing Clippers shtuff.

SH: Indeed JB was wearing her Elton Brand jersey. The probably showed her on the Clipper telecast. You watched on KCAL? I know their Sports anchor, I'm going to try and get the tape.

SL: I have the tape. will attempt to get that to you. but its just gonna make ol'Clipper Jen angry she's not in the picture. just your big head.

SH: Sweet, we would love that on tape, DVD, Beta or 8 track tape. BY the way, I promised your mom a game and all I have left is March 31 v. Memphis and April 15th v. Denver. Can you ask her which game she wants?

SL: you going to the game tonight? (Celtics) If not, you wanna watch it together? I can bring the tape up to your house if you like. Give me a call.

Thursday, March 13, 2003

Damn it Sony, will you remove that freaking picture from our beloved blog?

SH: Not if it offends you. Just kidding, feel free to delete if you really don't like it, I won't mind. Do you really think that thing is hanging on the side of a building or did someone do some photoshop work?

RM guesses it's a photoshop, but you never know.

SL: photoshopped for sure.

[SL: that thing will turn your whole hand orange]

Huhn, kinda interesting

Is March too early to hand out the hyperbole of the year award for the following?:

"Just like our country was shocked into awareness when, never-before acts of terrorism occurred in New York City, our district was shocked into awareness when middle school students engaged in indecent acts [i.e., fellatio] in the classroom"

Speaking of Apropos of absolutely nothing, how about

SL: couldn't take it anymore, had to switch it up to the rated G version of Sadamm and Bush getting it on!

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Apropos of absolutely nothing: This article disturbed and delighted me in many, many ways. Number one most disturbing aspect is that somebody actually got paid to write the article (although, in all fairness, the author probably earns about what I collect in unemployment). I mean, culling quotes from some random blog hardly counts as research. Falling somewhere in the nether regions betwixt disgust and delight was the notion that a blog such our very own could someday be considered a relevant source of information. But ultimately it is all made OK by one line: "What a coincidence, my coke dealer's name is Centrino."

Too bad they truncated another post - "But can I download pr0n faster with it, and fap off with more joy and less keyboard cleaning? No? Then bugger off." - to a mere "But can I download pr0n faster with it?" Hardly has the same impact, don't you think?

A: this guy needs to win an award for setting a whole new standard for half-assed pseudo-journalism. It is pretty funny how he attributes all his quotes.

[E: I wonder if I could get paid to report a news story by quoting the Yahoo message boards: "Meanwhile, yessima_bonglodin feels that our relationship with France has been strained by the fact that 'their f*cink fags.' " ]

RM: "yessima_bonglodin" - heh. Funny make me laugh. [E: Me too. I couldn't make that up.]

ok, ok. i have to make a public confession. i was trying to add to the blog on sam's cd and something happened to the formatting (so i thought). so i messed around and tried to make it better--i think i fucked up. i really must not know what the hell i'm doing. (hanging head in shame)

A doesn't see any problems, except this faulty link, which Glenn probably didn't do ==}

SL: me neither. looks ok. not much to fuck up. i can always repost the lyrics if something happens. anyways, ill add a link to my blog here since my new site doesnt have one. and you guys are the ones giving any type of feedback online anyways. what i really need is to figure out my messege board so i can just have threads on my forum. samuel lemon's blog

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

I like the Long Bet site. My favorite prediction is the one about future schoolchildren getting mandatory classes on fighting against robots.

Here's a medium bet: If the Pacers finish first in their division, Isiah Thomas will get at least three votes for Coach Of The Year, despite being the worst coach in the NBA.

Also, there's this. I'm not sure what to say about it. You may want to turn your volume down a bit.

Congressmen rename "french fries" as "freedom fries." Also urge Americans who have visited France in the last 12 months to get cooties shots.

[E: Also: 'Freedom kissing', and Larry Bird is now from Freedom Lick, Indiana]

[SL: While in other news, the French Maid outfit shall retain its name due the usage of French symbolizing dirty, slutty, and whorish, which all still apply to France.]

First comps of the CD, lemme get some feedback. These are definately not final, especially the text on the back. just give me an overall generall vibe of how it looks, color scheme, etc.

front of CD

back of CD

[E: Dude, where is your right hand on the cover? Is "cleaning your room" a euphimism?]

SL: hahaha. thats my secret message to my fans. also check out the new web site, although itll be updated soon enough. busy busy busy. samuel lemons site

SH: The back is tight, with that superimposed image and the front graphics too. Go to give it up to the photogropher, too, Andrew the composition of those pictures are professional and artistic, but I don't see any photographer credit , maybe that'll be on the inside?

SL: damn AD, you didnt have to call your lawyer already :P .... i told you the text wasnt finished. just some place holding text. thats not the actual track listing either. just a mock up to get a general sense of things.

[E: btw, I just got one of those huge cd changers and loaded most of my CDs into it this weekend and let it shuffle. It was a nice surprise to have "Everbomb" come up.]

{if you put your rap discs in you're about to be in a world of all up in your random. if it's like mine you won't know for sure whether a skit has a song in the same track so when you first find out they slip away into the random and you can't do the perma-wack. (unless you're pissed off enough to hunt it down) -a }

GH: I like the way this looks. Nice choice of fonts on the cover, (to me) seeming to recall the old "lounge style" music covers (picture and album title blend here too). I like how the background lines kind of remind me of an extreme close up of a UPC barcode. offset simple line drawing takes overall focus off the figure into a large, unseen area. cool.

RM chimes in: I'm not a smart fella like GH, so I don't see how the cover art and title correspond. Unless EH was right and "cleaning your room" is really code for beating your meat. But in general, that's my only comment, i.e., I might have a slightly more satisfied feeling if the cover art and title corresponded.

Monday, March 10, 2003

Follow-up on Sony's post about Ali G below: I finally saw that episode, and after the catholic priest tells him that he is confusing Jesus with Santa Claus ("why he is mucking about with all those reindeers"), he asks, "So is Jesus real or is he just your dad all dressed up?"

A has an Ali G sighting, I caught an episode where he had a guy from the DEA on, didn't quite live up to the comic potential, though there were some funny moments.. "So like, if you did everything on this table, you'd be like, really really mashed."

Friday, March 07, 2003

So has anyone started a pool on the invasion date? I figure we could also do a pool on how long Turkey waits from the start of the US invasion to hit northern Iraq. Shit we could also do a pool on the date of the first terrorist attack on a US government facility internationally and domestically after the start of hostilities that includes a fatality.

a say: now isn't that a little grim? (cough, 3.17), pehaps a long bet (or discussion on one) instead?

[E: Not soon enough for these guys. AD took my answer so I'll go with 3/18 instead, with understanding that I'm holding my tongue about the fact that we're at war already just in a prolonged and broken cease-fire.]

{A: but too soon for these2 guys}

[E: Oh no, career diplomats are resigning! But who will attend the prince's daughter's birthday party?]

What happened to Ari? Dammit Erik, you done drove him off People like you should learn to lay off and
be more agreeable

a: bwahahaa

oh yeah, the dates been set. St. pattys 3/17. Top of the bombing to ya. what are they calling it, shock and awe, now with 10 x payoffs I mean payloads. boomshakalaka. Let's get missile command up in this b31tch!

I was telling Glenn about this article on old school acade games. real funny playing those oldies in Shenmue. FYI p3 isn't linked right from p2

[E: I was just talking with someone yesterday about Tempest... I wouldn't mind having one of those around. That game kicks ass. Also: Battlezone. Love those vector graphics.]

[A say: Glenn and I were also talking about some newly released Atari joystick that has classic 2600 games in it. Of course Glenn is the only one crazy enough to actually buy one. Don't even get me started on Atari (annoying sound warning) nostalgia. and I had a Vectrex but it broke :(]

GH: i actually found it and bought it. it has the classic "adventure" wherein the very first easter egg lies. other than that it is atari.

[E: Shockwave.com has some classic arcade games, gotta love Joust, and they used to have Missile Command but I'm not sure what happened to it.]

SL: joust rules! it was such a fun multiplayer game too. 2 player co-op.

A in comic book guy voice: Joust: best shockwave game, ever. Here's an 2600 adventure link.and the adventure Quake mod

Speaking of honeys, pro-war or not, you single guys should know that Today there is a new sexual revolution (or re-volition, as the case may be) on the horizon.

RM sez: I don't know about any sexual revolution on the, as you say, horizon. Seems to me that all the women I know have been getting busy like super-duper-double-deluxe freaks for a while now. I mean, I was having drinks with three women folk earlier in the week and they were competing over ownership of a pair of shoes. The way they figure, whoever farks the hottest guy while wearing the shoes gets to keep them. See what I'm saying? And this is not an isolated example. Maybe it was 9/11. Maybe it's because they're older than they used to be. Maybe it's because none of them are coupled up. Whatever. Am I the only one seeing this?

SL: wtf. i think im missing out on something. i'll be coming up ASAP!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 06, 2003

Gotta get me to one of them pro-war rallies:

Oh absolutely. And you know those pro-war honeys are like mad in the sack. - RM
on the whackitatwork scale I rate her spongeworthy -A

Martyrs get 49 virgins, but peaceniks get 750 nekkid womyn


(all i got you for your birthday is this stinking multi-blog spam)

Man Da Ali G show was on last night. Sasha toured the U.N and asked his guide why they bother giving "crap countries" like Guinea a seat and why does one man, even if he is powerful have a seat (Jordan). I had to walk out of the room when he asked a priest if he would marry a jew or, motioning to the fat lady sitting next to him, "her, if she was more fit." Why do Nuns strip in clubs and why does jesus run with reindeer? Man on man.

Hor-ry! Hor-ry! Hor-ry! Don't know if y'all were watching that game, but I think everyone knew that was good as soon as he touched the ball.

A: Horry is so fucking money. Anyone do some lipreading when he fouled J. O'neal, Oneal said something starting with "Boy, ", and Horry said something starting with "Motherfucker, ".

19 and 20. I think this puts us on a pace to at least equal the 2002 numbers.

Bush to start war on slow TV night. Networks rejoice. In (arguably) related news, am I the last person to see this Laurie Garrett e-mail on Davos?

A hadn't seen it, thought that Garrett email was a nice easy read and wonders what y'all think of the grim economic outlooks mentioned.

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Some of these are pretty damn funny. Of course, if you've been to the ready.gov site, then you know this is just shooting fish in a barrel. [RM inquires: Whether any of the humorous captions could compete with the unintended humor of the ready.gov site itself. I mean, don't all the instructions say, generally, that in the event of a chemical or nuclear attack one should try to get away from the place where the attack occurs? Not very helpful, perhaps not even good advice (to the extent that you don't want people spreading contamination) and I suspect that that's what people would do even in the absence of the ready.gov web site.]

A has got to give it up to 'crank it up fucker' and 'assume the assfucking position'. oops site down, did they get bandwidth overloaded? that's ok there's plenty more: Unready, idlewords

here's a few more links on the big bong bust. (oops, well someone was bitching at Ascroft on there, maybe I oughta hush my mouth) They busted Chong!(but let him go) Those bastards!
"Repression, recession: it's all the same"
Study says anti-drug TV spots failed (5/16/2002)
Village Voice on media spin
who does fund PfDFA, anyways?
why did they have to step up the campaign?

and btw I dunno if y'all aren't publishing but your posts aren't up yet so I will. I think they just fixed the thing with the button always being publish...

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

I just read this in the Onion and I'm still laughing: Bush Offers Taxpayers Another $300 If We Go To War
Pending passage of the bill, titled Economic Growth And Tax Relief Reconciliation Act Of 2003 And We Bomb Iraq (H.R. 1936), some 91.3 million checks could be mailed as early as March 31.

Nice anecdotes of European anti-Americanism in USA Today. I love this quote from Vince Vaughn:
Sometimes the complaints left him speechless, like the time he was told, " 'America had no culture' by a kid wearing a Kobe Bryant T-shirt and listening to rapper DMX."