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Saturday, February 19, 2005

RSS feed?

Almost forgot. The reason I posted in the first place -- anyone wanna make this CxC Blog have an RSS feed?

Then you can see in certain apps that have RSS views (My Yahoo, Opera, DesktopSidebar, many others) and it automatically will show the latest posts. I think it's cool -- I rarely check this site. Anyone up for it? I don't want to mess w/the Blog's settings since I didn't make it, but perhaps an ALIEN might beam into the control panel? :D



New stuff on My Yahoo! makes it even more awesome. Funny how ideas come, go away, and come back (hosted files & apps, in this case)... Anyway, the idea is that you put your stuff in Yahoo! (addresses, calendar, etc) and you can access it anywhere. This ain't no big, until you see how they integrated it yet again on the My Yahoo. It's crazy cool. For some reason, this thing just makes me psyched about computers again... They've also got those disposable email addresses, I think it's a great idea. I sent my job's CEO a number of emails from one. heh heh

Now that I've got this Mac, re-learning computing again. And it's worth it for the power of Final Cut Pro & some other thingies... Funny how Mac has so much right, and a bunch of stuff wrong. I would never have thought that PC had a lot over Mac, but it does in a couple areas (like searching the hard drive quickly...)

But then Mac actually does everything you buy software to do with it and more, tweaking optional. The software actually works (editing video, burning DVD's, getting online, sharing files, etc etc).

It's taking me time to get used to...

Oh, back on Myspace.com so if anyone wants to launch a massive friend network, add me. The virtual networking things are crazy...! (I'm on there under lordbuddha@hotmail.com if you're looking.) Also on Tribe and Friendster and Linked In. The future of networking? Who would've guessed... It's not half as fun, or a 3rd as awkward...

Surprised to hear any of our fellow CC'ers actually support Bush, but ... I guess I hadn't realized we might have some too. Sorry for my insensitivity if I trampled anyone's right-wing allegiances. Here's my apology.
In other words, this sick empty-head G.W.Bush in front of a corrupt racist organization is ruining much of what's good in the USA govt.
This is something worth fighting for, American reclaiming International concepts of decency and fundamental human rights as inviolable rights.

So far, David Cross has really laid out some hilarious anti-Bush standup. Check him out if you get a chance!

George Carlin is gettin' there too, but I can't find dloadable worthy samples of him, sorry. I did buy his CD 'You are all Diseased' (and linked to the amazing review). My favorite part is that the reviewer says Carlin lost fans b/c he's so bitter and angry that he gets under people's skin. He also compares Carlin's hilarity with Mark Twain. I think he's more bitter than Michael Moore -- and undoubtedly funnier. I remixed one of his rants, have to put it on my website. GO CARLIN!