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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Attention any Tax Attorneys: Do you have an opinion on This Google video - America: Freedom to Fascism about the Income tax being illegal? I'm open to other folks chiming in as well...

Personally, it seems like quite a stretch to be real, but it was interesting when this guy interviewed a number of former IRS people who, after being offered $50k to find the law requiring privately employed individuals to file Federal Income Tax, claimed they personally ceased filing Fed Income Tax AND couldn't find any laws requiring 'privately employed' people to file Fed Income Tax.

Could there be ANY truth to this?!!?!?

Monday, January 29, 2007

re: Sony's comment on my Blog -- I have to respond here bc there's no way he'll see if I post a response on my blog. Strange, eh?

Thanks for the comment. Yes, I have been coming thru LA (staying at my Dad's in CC by the Library) about once every 3 months. Before my grandmother died, I was coming thru about once every month or two.
On that trip, I barely was able to see my family & coworkers, and had to miss Wes & a few of my other close LA friends.

Honestly, I'm pleasantly surprised to hear the invitation. I guess another factor would be that I don't have your email or phone number...?

Sorry I couldn't bust you out of your echo chamber. HA HA

Thursday, January 25, 2007

This is a good post. It illustrates that die-hard conservatives analyze with the same objectives as liberals: to make the world a better place. What's nice is that no one's motivations are attacked, no one called mean names, the author claims no special authority because of his position, offers no personal testimonial and offers an opinion backed by statistics, mechanisms, probablities, etc. You can dispute those, but not his objectives or his rhetorical methods.

It shows that a rational discussion can occur without resort to anectdote-as-evidence, ad hominem as reason, declaration-as-truth, and personal herstory-as-legitimacy. It just takes effort and creativity.

Monday, January 22, 2007

I'm overdue on posting. Posted an idealistic rant on my blog, DECLARATION of RIGHTS of the ENVIRONMENT and ALL LIVING CREATURES, 2007. Felt good.

When I lived in Austria, it was fun to hang w/some commie buddies who said there was no Left Wing in the USA, and that what Americans call Left is actually far to the Right of true Leftist politics.

One of my goals is to keep ideals so far to the Left that the Middle is compelled to shift drastically Left, rather than the current lurch to the Right.

Happy 2007 peeps!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Now that the Democrats are in power again, it's time to get moving on my 2007 shopping list:

Personal protection: S&W Model 642 with Lasergrip
Home defense: Model 1300 Defender 8-shot (12ga)
Basic crowd control: Atlantic firearms - California Legal AK-47

Any thoughts on these choices before I buy?