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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Funny but kinda sad Nun-Fu video and a quality (and likely more valuable) link, Google Page Designer, the browser-based WYSIWYG html solution. Pretty cool, even though it needs IE.

I'm still hooked on Opera b/c it's so damned fast (on the PC, at least) and it's pretty much virus-proof. I even paid the $20 for mine! (Nowadays they give it out free.)

Also just bought Nuance's Dragon Naturally Speaking v8. $80, hope it works. Voice-to-text is a long overdue software revolution, IMHO. (Sore fingers/wrists/back.)
Finished my 1st draft of a screenplay (still revising & having it read in my screenwriting class), and thought I might take a whack at my next screenplay by dictating it.

Last -- took a work trip to NYC. Saw protestors outside the World Trade Center train station. They were supporting 911truth.org, have you checked it? They're starting to get more attention in bigger media as Bush's ratings drop.


Blogger Samuel said...

i used a version (ehem didn't buy it) years back for a term paper. i had to say it worked extremely well as i dictated pasages from text books. the key was alot of set up so it understood my voice, and lots of correction so it learned its mistakes.

was a cool program even then. i like the fact that you can do simple edits w/out touching the kb too. either way, you'll need a headset to keep your hands kb free since it makes tons of mistakes. i still thought it was useful. i think windows xp has some voice recognition software available, not sure how it measures up though.

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