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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Please read my comment on this post for my 'Euro-America takeover' RANT from a non-Christian perspective.

Just saw this on break.com, disturbing video Iraqi kids beat up by British soldiers. I'm not sure the audio is real, but probably it is.


Blogger REkz said...

Speaking as a Jewish person, I imagine that most non-Christians that travel the world, particularly Europe, feel an anti-diversity energy radiating from many Churches there. I certainly have felt this while living in Austria, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy, and while travelling through Hungary.

In Australia, I was appalled to see ignorant rednecks (Yabos they're called there) openly teasing Asians & Malaysians, calling them names and saying "Ching Chong Ning Nong" and similar nonsense to Asians in the streets. (Obviously, Aboriginal Australians have had far worse treatment.) I was also surprised that most Aussies didn't know anything about Jewish people, even though in Melbourne there was an openly Jewish neighborhood (and Sydney has a Jewish neighborhood too).

I imagine that Muslims and Jews worldwide do not enjoy the lack of tolerance from Christian zealots, particularly zealot institutions.

What's really bizarre is that Jesus preached tolerance, but often Churches preach hatred of the other. It's an inconsistency that is hard for me to reconcile.

Living in Spain in '92, I was surprised to learn that some Spanish historians attribute their country's rise to a world power as a result of 500 years of peace (when 'Moores' (Black Africans/Muslims), Jews, and Christians all co-mingled in Spain), and they match the fall of Spain as a world power with the Inquisition.

In Israel in 2000, I was surprised to find how many Mosques and Christian churches there were in addition to Jewish Temples.

No doubt all religions have their own dogma-obsessed extremists, but few religions have worldpower status and are on the offensive right now. The USA seems to have an extremist elected as our leader.

While the USA is clearly multicultural, do we have proportional representation for any minority in the Federal Government?

While Americans are supposed to fear 'Muslim Extremists' b/c of the 9/11 attack, and other supposedly planned attacks, the CIA has definitely impacted the lives of millions in Iran, Iraq, Libya, Palestine/Israel, and a host of other middle Eastern countries far more than 9/11 physically impacted the USA. The emotional impact was far greater than the death totals.
Personally, I am not sure that Al Qaeda really exists or that Bin Laden is the biggest threat to the USA, but I do see that Muslim Extremist ranks are growing b/c of the death tolls in the Middle East. The only solution I see is to make peace, stop supporting oppressive dictatorships (without invading & overthrowing them), stop overthrowing governments that disagree with Euro-American world domination, and provide workers around the world who labor for America with living wages.

How often do Americans hear discussions about the parallels between modern wars and ancient religious wars? Only when Bush mistakenly says "Crusade" in one of his speeches. How many Americans comprehend the significance of American consumption at such high percentages of world production and raw materials? Most are surprised to see that many of America's trading partner countries have such an enormous lower class. So, I often feel a compulsion to make these points, as a Lefty, a non-conformist, and a Jew.

MLK said that protesting is not civil disobedience, and that unjust and corrupt laws should not be observed by groups being oppressed by them. How many of us have broken laws with a sense of justice and pride?
Even when smoking weed, most of us hide.

What about those unaccused Muslims in jail without a trial? Doesn't that offend anyone out there?

I mean, if they're guilty after a trial, fine. Put them in jail. But not having a trial at all? The USA loses it's claim to higher ground above oppressive regimes. Bypassing trials is a frightening precedent to set, and surely an invitation for worse treatment for Americans overseas.

At what point will Americans take action against torture, cruelty, corruption, offensive foreign invasions, and violation of laws?

It's something I wonder about...

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Blogger A. said...

here's a cookie from the ice cream man.

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