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Thursday, February 27, 2003

So, Cary Tennis is possibly the worst advice columnist in the history of advice columnists. But the thing the gets me about this one is that he seems to accept that it is perfectly normal to pull your pud in the company restroom. Not only does he never say "Hey, wacking off at work in the company restroom is probably not the best idea," but he ends his comments with "If it would freak [your wife] out to know that men sometimes masturbate in company toilets while fantasizing about their sexy co-workers, well, maybe she's not ready for that much reality." Personally, it freaks me out a little bit to think that I might walk in on my wanking co-worker, or, worse, that when I shake his hand he may have just wiped a big creamy load off that same hand. So my question for all of you is - Is this in fact normal socially-accepted behavior? Have my co-workers been taking masturbation breaks throughout the day while I felt it was necessary to wait until I was at home to fantasize about shanking my sexy co-workers? (My apologies if you click through to the article and are given an ad first.)

[E: I've suspected a temp or two, but I think they were just trying to make the day go by faster. And this wacked out (ba dum dum) letter writer was staying around "after hours" to do his thing. No wonder I'm suspicious of people who stay late.]

{jv: Have no doubts--I have definitely spilt spunk in the loos of labor. I think it's safe to say that at almost every job I've ever held, I've at least once held "Little Lord Fauntleroy," choking the sputum out of him. Certainly when I started working at 15, and probably tapering off in 1995, when I started cooking--not out of ethics or sanitation, but it's damn difficult to pull yourself off the line, just to pull yourself. (In case you're wondering flyE, I do not recollect whether or not I did at Kaiser, but let's see: Adeline, Jerelyn, Helen, Mia and of course Domenique... Oh who am I kidding? I spanked that bad boy 'til he cried!) Of course, now that I am a freelancer, I have a wank at work all the time. In fact, I think I'll just "sign off" now... Baby, you nasty baby.}

[E: Didn't Domenique take topless pictures of herself and give them to you? No one could fault you there my friend. If only your entrepreneurship had kicked in -- those CAD guys at the facilities group would've paid through the nose just for a peek at those... pictures. There would be a lineup at the bathroom after that for sure.]

[E: And what is up with Salon anyway? It annoys me to no end that they -- especially the editor David Talbot -- feel the need to define themselves by who they oppose. "Raise Limbaugh's blood pressure! Keep Salon in business" says the editor, then later, "The enemies of a free and critical press -- like the ministers of information at the Wall Street Journal -- want to write off Salon as dead." Yeesh. Self important much?]

{RM speculates: That Salon's new marketing tecnique is to connect better with the political left. Folks on the right wrote Salon off a looong time ago and there's probably no bringing them back. I'm guessing that at least 75% of Salon's regular readers consider themselves left-of-center, and that means that's the market you're competing for if you want to stay in bidness. So they're trying to position themselves as the voice of opposition from the left. Unfortunate. Plus they've been about two heartbeats away from death for the last three years and are constantly in do-or-die mode, so I think they're acting in desperation.}
[E agrees: That's about right. Unfortunately by acting as the voice of opposition instead of as an advocate for progressive ideas, they place themselves in the same camp as Rush and, ye gods, Debra Saunders.]

SH: Good lord I had a nasty bout of unfurling repressed memories when you mentioned that cad. She's scary atrocious.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

"Can A Dog Be Racist?" in Slate today. Can they? Hell yes they can, but race is just one of many factors. Quinn's dog Sam did not like black people one bit. My family's old dog Ginger cowered in fear at the sight of a man wearing a baseball cap. Luka apparently has a thing for uniforms, like park rangers. And Pico and Chick, well...
well what?
Well I was hoping you could fill in the blank. Do they hate any subset of people?
They hate bog-cutting liqvert drinking Danish and no one else.
[Good evening and welcome to another edition of 'Prejudice' - the show that gives you a chance to have a go at Wops, Krauts, Nigs, Eyeties, Gippos, Bubbles, Froggies, Chinks, Yidds, Jocks, Polacks, Paddies and Dagoes. (applause)]

Well, its not "prejudice" when you're right. what exactly have those damn Geats accomplished since Beowolf killed some old lady? (although, I will admit that foisting a stockfish (a split and dried cod) on the icelandic flag in 1350 was pretty funny and demeaning). So, as teh say, fohk aheylvethete, deen pek'antilope.

I've always said that no one has more hops on his jump shot the Starbury, but this is sick.

Hey folks, This Saturday I'm going to see a new Susan Lori-Parks play directed by Raelle Myrick-Hodges. Susan won a pulitzer prize for her last play, Top Dog Underdog, and Raelle is, well, Raelle. It's in LA (Valencia, actually), so if any folks in LA are interested in seeing it (or other Bay folk want to travel to see it) here's the info:

In The Blood, by S. Lori-Parks
Walt Disney Modular Theatre, California Institute of The Arts
24700 McBean Parkway
Valencia, CA
Showing Thurs - Sat at 8 pm
(661) 253-7800 for tickets [$7]
Raelle's office: 661-290-2800 ext. 232

A review of a Chicago performance by a different group of folks (couldn't find any reviews of the CalArts performance).

SH What thr hell is she doing out there? Valencia is to L.A. what Walnut Creek is to San Francisco. By the way Javan is roumoured to be coming this way, so maybe you can corrall him into visting Walnut Creek.

RM: I'd say Valencia is to L.A. what Vallejo (or maybe Benicia) is to San Francisco. Anyway, CalArts is paying her and they're in Valencia, so that's where she is until Sat. Maria, Dina, Raelle and I (and some other folks, too, I think) are going out after the show and you folks are all well invited.

SH: Vallejo? Inunderstand the Marine World angle, but culturally Valencia will never produce E-40 and is total cracker ville ("Valencia residents can take comfort in knowing that their community is part of one of the safest cities in the country. The FBI has consistently ranked...") so I'm sticking to Walnut Creek and Javan knows what I mean by Walnut Creek (think mushrooms and stick ball). Are you guys staying at your folks and going out someplace local, or are you going to Concord?

RM: OK, OK, I think I'm going to pass on the debate as to whether Valencia is more akin to Walnut Creek or Vallejo/Benecia. It's another cost/benefit thing.
I'm staying in CC Friday night and don't have any particular plans for Fri night or Sat day. Sat night is the play and I'll probably crash at Raelle's place which, I imagine, is in or near Valencia. Heading back up Sunday. So maybe I'll see you Friday night or if you go to the play then I'll see you Sat. Same goes for all the other CxC Old Schoolers. It'd be cool to see you all, however briefly, and if any of you want to go to the play I'm sure Raelle would appreciate the support and be glad to see you too.

GH: i think valencia seems more like lodi or fairfield, though six flags may raise the rent a little.

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

HEY! I just saw the crack about me being the #1 nerdiest rapper ever! I guess I'm not only nerdy, I'm slow. I remain serene--> x-__-x
My shit is like Canadian, because I'm Serene Dion.

No recent updates to Get your War on, so I had to entertain myself with his "Horse Races" filing technique and LaWeekly Blurb.

[E quotes: "Listen, North Korea--we know how tough you are! You're truly too legit to quit! But could you lay off the crazy-ass nuclear program until your citizens don't have to eat GRASS and TREE BARK to survive?"]

[E quotes again from the LA Weekly blurb, because it is one of his favorite quotes of the Get Your Civil War On series: "What if the death toll reaches 20,000?" says one clip-art character to the next. "Then I say congratulations death toll! You're one-thirtieth of the way there!" ]

{AD can't resist his favorite: "Can't we just build a fucking bomb the size of the earth and cut a hole out of the middle in the shape of The United States? Drop the motherfucker around us and take care of business once and for all?"
and from Horse: "I've got, like, eight of those mechanical nutsacks holding down a tarp in my back yard!"}

"But she soon realized that even if her vagina had a little blue cape with an "S" attached to it, she could never win this race." I thought the quote was a brilliant moment in an otherwise mundane article.

{jv: Yes, but that doesn't explain why you are fiddling around with "men's portals".} [RM: Better than fiddling around with men's port holes. Ba-Dum-Dum, crash.]

Monday, February 24, 2003

John Ashcroft cracks down on headshops and water pipes. Ashcroft vows to go after dual-purpose products next, such as 2-liter soda bottles that can be easily converted into so-called "gravity bongs" using instructions freely available on the Internet. [E: They have to be mainly intended for illegal drug use, so that would only apply to 2-liter bottles of Hawaiian Punch.]

A quotes:
"People selling drug paraphernalia are in essence no different than drug dealers," said John Brown, acting DEA chief. "They are as much a part of drug trafficking as silencers are a part of criminal homicide."
that is, not very much so?, or perhaps as much as the CIA is involved in drug trafficking. Good names, "Operation Pipedreams" & "Headhunter". I think this is a good thing because this way the kids in Iowa won't have any way to smoke and so then they won't buy the drugs that support the terrorists. Apples. Next we go after apples. Oh look, 2600 reports all traffic to these shutdown sites is being rerouted thru a DOJ DNS server. hmmph.

[E: There was a local Oakland story about a crackdown on liquor stores selling those miniature roses because the glass vials they come in are used as crack pipes. The funny part to me was the assumption that someone with crack but no pipe would not get high somehow.]

geez, does anybody read anymore? meaning the dead tree type and not just the electronic sort. unless we start a blog on books, i'll tell you that i'm half way through "Outlaws of the Marsh" another of those really epic chinese stories. if you live in the LA region i'll lend it out.

SH I'm reading Wonderland by Joyce Carol Oates, but just bought William Gibson's new book, so I may never finish with the fat bitch book. Plus I have a client at Top Cow and he said a box load of comics are on their way.

RM: Actually I haven't read a whole book in years although I started leafing through a copy of Aristotle's ethics a couple weeks ago. So far I've learned that happiness is an activity of the soul in accordance with perfect virtue. Like I needed Aristotle to tell me that.

jv: I'm like, MAD schoolly with the books and shit. Actually I am reading some very interesting material as of late (late 19th century that is), pre-Harlem Renaissance black authors like William Wells Brown and Charles W. Chesnutt. Also, for those of you who are SciFi fans, I must recommend Dawn by Octavia Butler. (she is the only author in the genre to win a Macarthur Fellowhip). I am eagerly awaiting William Vollman's 2500pg, 7 volume nonfiction tome on violence coming soon from McSweeney's (I had all but given up on their publishing which seemed to favor pap by hipper-than-thou, ennui-oozing, overblown Onion-headline-writing Grub Street denizens.)
But seriously, how can anybody read with the recent tragedy that has befallen the music world. Oh well, since I'm keep'n it real for my baby girl, I think I'll go to the library, to get some more AMMO.

[E: I started reading The Corrections (the Oprah edition, of course... one review said it was a risky choice for her because no one in the book was beaten as a child) but put it down a third of the way through after falling asleep twice in a row on the same page. I'm now almost through "Passport To The Cosmos" -- a very interesting take on alien abduction experiences -- and now I'm never going to sleep again.]

A: what's a book? Sony, did you finish the Gibson already? anyone read Bukowski's Factotum? should I?

so it was on Showtime for free? [E: oh yes, I wouldn't pay for a Tyson fight anymore, although if he knocks people silly like this...] and it really was bundled with Tanya Harding fighting? geez..
The Telecast Will Be Replayed In Its Entirety On SHO2 On Tuesday, February 25, At 11 PM ET/PT

Anyone catch the Tyson fight? Mystikal was singing "DANGER! Get on the floor!" for Etienne's entrance, and Etienne took it to heart.
SL: I only saw a photo of Etienne laying on the canvas, but i heard that phto was longer than the fight itself.
AD: I think I caught the shortest clip on the teaser for some sports show of Tyson knocking somebody the fuck out. like head flying down to the floor as his legs looked like they were flying up. and I wondered to myself, did that Tyson fight happen?

Speaking of rap, great word-a-day today: scrofulous (morally corrupt). If that hasn't been used in a rap lyric then it should be. Samuel Lemons, get to it.


mama told me, daddy was Scrofulous and I'm just his incubus so I popped her and now she's a pile of blood 'n pus

RM applies it to the gangsta rap context: As a youth I learned to shoot game and act scrufulous while other kids were staying home watching Snufalufagus

SL: im making it my lifes mission to find rhymes in context with scrofulous. it may take a month, but im determined to be the nerdiest rapper ever. [E: nerdier than J-Vizzle?]

RM: If you want to be the nerdiest rapper, SL, you've got your work cut out for you. I heard the words "Friedrich Nietzsche" in a rap on the new DJ Spinna album. Clearly that emcee is the one to beat in the nerd competition.

SL: JV once used "sonombulistic" in a rap. nuff said . :)

Saturday, February 22, 2003

Bust a Cap link
In this case, a mistake in the stolen formulation of the electrolyte in a capacitor has wrecked hundreds of PCs and may wreck still more in what is an industrywide problem.
Aluminum electrolytic capacitors with a low equivalent series resistance (ESR) are high-capacitance components that generally serve to smooth out the power supply to chips. Throughout 2002, they have been breaking open and failing in certain desktop PCs.

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Lakes: missed that game, I never seem to know when they are on (yeah I oughta print a schedule) but I guess I'll catch that 4Q replay on Fox.

Erik, your link goes to the Tom's hardware logo, I can truncate the address to the article, but I was wondering which picture you were trying to link. Shit really caught fire? while you were using it, I hope? Reminds me of some crazy story about some exploding Capacitors (on some KG-7 mobos, Sam.) that had a crazy backstory about a scientist stealing a incomplete chemical formula (for electrolyte) and making his own company in Taiwan. There's a more interesting writeup somewhere, can't find it.
Time for a new computer? I'm looking at a new Small Form Factor system based on the Shuttle SG51. Wanna try and do homebrew Tivo emulation (hear they upped lifetime subscrip. cost). Still kind of expensive though. and only a 250w power supply, maybe you'll want a big ass external 400W jobber..
extrapolated from some link you posted: yeah, hindsight is 20/20, but is this funny?

[E: Tom's must have removed the picture, because it used to be a power supply on fire. My computer was having worsening troubles (blue screens, hard drive couldn't scandisk, etc.) and last Friday when I turned it on the power supply spit something fire-ish out the back. Could've been sparks, but I only saw the flash and the smoke. This same computer had faulty memory last year, and I now suspect that the motherboard caused that problem and this one. Hopefully I can recover the hard drive, video card and CD-drive; the rest needed upgrading anyway.

That Laker/Rockets game was one of the worst officiated games I've seen in a while. I was watching that and using my tivo to go back and look at foul calls, and 95% of the time they were flat wrong. At least it was both ways, although the offensive foul call on Kobe driving to the hoop late in OT1 was one of the worst and almost put the game out of reach.

Good war talk in Slate today. A pretty even-handed review of arguments on both sides.]

Did anyone see Kobe break Yao's fingers? I mean Yao blocked that fucking shot and Kobe went right through it and dunked. Unreal. 3 -12 the Lakers may be the worst team in the league and #2, Shaq isn't even a top 10 guy anymore, but Kobe is carrying these guys.

Not sure how much we've personally talked about Kobe this year, but this is very exciting watching him take ownership of this team. He's coming into his own breaking insane records and winning too. I know we lost two in a row before tonight Houston win, but still 9/12 with Kobe leading the team is great. I say we win the next 3 on Kobe's back by then its the Kobe & Rush show :) . - SL

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

OK, in all fairness I cribbed this from the WSJ blog, but I think it's a wonderful story we can all relate too:

More Drinks May Lead To Severe Barroom Brawls

Drinking does not necessarily lead to barroom brawling, but the amount of alcohol consumed by participants in an aggressive situation can make a difference in how severe or injurious the brawl turns out to be, according to new research.

A study by Kenneth E. Leonard, Ph.D., of the State University of New York at Buffalo and colleagues suggests that other environmental factors, including dim lighting, large crowds, high noise level and encouragement from onlookers, are also strongly associated with the severity of barroom aggression.

"Men who reported higher levels of [alcohol] consumption were more likely to report high levels of aggression and that their opponent was hurt or injured more than were men who reported lower levels of consumption," Leonard says.

My home computer has been having major troubles, then on Friday it literally caught on fire. So for now I'll post when I can at work, otherwise I may be quieter than usual.

Friday, February 14, 2003

To the L.A. krew: Hey, if you're not going to the 'Live from the Blogosphere' at the Electronic Orphanage gallery in Chinatown (It features a panel of well known bloggers including Blogger's CEO, Evan Williams), want to take in Shanghai Knights?

Thursday, February 13, 2003

More V-Day diversions.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

As I prepare for Valentine's day by baking pot cookies, pouring jello shots and cleaning out my hot tub, I think to myself, "Who you calling 'decadent?' I'll show those vice police a thing or two about what's decadent. And I would urge you all to stand up for the American way and do the same.

Go sign the online petition to recall Gray Davis. Not only does he deserve it, this would also put us a step closer to getting Gov. Schwarzenegger into office (quote: "If Bush got a pass on "youthful indescretions" through age 40, Arnold shouldn't have to account for smoking pot in the bodybuilding documentary Pumping Iron.")

[If Arnie does run for gov that video is gonna make a hilarious ad for for the opposition. I've actually seen that scene and it's got Arnie laying on a sofa in bikini briefs eating fried chicken, drinking champagne, smoking a joint and handling two bikini-clad women. Or perhaps they'll use the part where he says "It's as satisfying to me as coming is; I am coming day and night, it's fantastic!" He's definitely got my vote. - RM]

Boy, I just can't get enough of that Ziggy Stardust Marley.

[Monty Burns: Oh Ziggy, will you ever win?]

Monday, February 10, 2003

send a valentine to the one you love. or hate, depends.

E: A lovely valentine you won't get this year.

Since we got NBA talk going, here are my All-Star Awards:
1) Biggest Waste of Space: Tyson Chandler. He also barely nudges out Ben Wallace for Worst Shooting Touch.
2) Best Dunk: 1st: J-Rich (final dunk); 2nd: J-Rich (round 1 windmill); 3rd: J-Rich (rookie game 180 windmill).
3) Worst Dunk: MJ, yikes
4) Best Playground move: J-Rich, passing the ball to himself off of Boozer's head
5) Best Outfit: Mariah and her twins
6) Best Playing Time decision: Adelman, for basically benching Yao after he got the start
7) Worst Playing Time decision: Isiah, for burying Pierce and Walker on the bench. Can't wait for the next Pacers-Celtics game.
8) Best music: the little girl singing the national anthem on Saturday
9) Worst "music": Meatloaf. Did anyone else see that? What the hell was going on there? Did anyone lose their job over that booking?
SH(10) worst performance by a "superstar" Kobe missing TWO game-winning free throws. He shot 60% in the clutch. Yikes. And did you notice how stationary Shaq was? All these guys flying around, athletic-like and he was just an immovabe mountain.. (E: big Z was an immovable bench mountain)
E: Kobe sounded almost apologetic for having to shoot those three free throws, like he wanted to win but didn't want to win that way. I'm glad he only hit two.
Don't you hate it when you hit your head on the rim? [SL: only thing worse is alleyooping a bounce pass to yourself, putting it through your legs back to front, dunking it left handed, then hitting your head on the rim. right after Sir Charles announces there are no dunks that have never been done before. - in an all-star related incident, some floor interview conducted with Peja after he won the 3 pt contest was hilarious. not sure if you caught it, but the interviewer makes some comment like, "wow, its a shame we didn't see this type of performance in game 7 of the Western Conference Finals". lol. what a cheap shot at a choke artitst! good one. :)]]

How about JOhn abriel for GM of the decade? Sign & trade Ben wallace for Grant Hill, when Detroit disclosed that Grant suffered from an undetermined and unhealed ankle injury; Trades Bo Outlaw and a draft pick (Amare Staudemire) for Jud Buechler; trades Chris Webber for Anfernee Hardaway; trades Horace Grant and 2 2nd round draft picks to Seattle for Billy Owens, Dale Ellis, Don MacLean and the rights to Corey Maggette and then lets teh best player in that group, Maggete, go for a song. I guess the Tariq Abdul-Wahad, Chris Gatling, a 1st round draft pick and $3 million to Denver for Chauncey Billups, Ron Mercer and Johnny Taylor was not awful.

And your draft history:

1993 - Chris Webber (1)
1993 - Geert Hammink (26)
1994 - Brooks Thompson (27)
1994 - Rodney Dent (31)
1995 - David Vaughn (25)
1996 - Brian Evans (27)
1996 - Amal McCaskill (49)
1997 - Johnny Taylor (17)
1997 - Eric Washington (47)
1998 - Michael Doleac (12)
1998 - Keon Clark (13)
1998 - Matt Harpring (15)
1998 - Miles Simon (42)
1999 - Laron Profit (38)

Saturday, February 08, 2003

Porn clerk diary. Is text ever work inappropriate? Maybe if you find yourself reading for an hour when you should be working. Some real funny lines in there. The author on some public radio show (segment 4). Actually she just reads bits from it. These two turned out to be better: Segment 2 is naming of America. (and you gotta give em props for busting out the porno music in the wrong story.) Ep 216 pt. 3 pretty good too, Milton is kind of cool. And funny.

Friday, February 07, 2003

Dude, come on, your hair looks fine. Our dates are here, so let's not keep them waiting. No I haven't seen them yet, why?

Damn, you said they were easygoing party girls but I dunno.

Thursday, February 06, 2003

What would Jesus do?

This story is as old as time itself: Man tattoos radio station logo on forehead, man sues radio station, man complains incessantly and threatens suicide to trailer-mates, trailer-mates get fed up and try to hang man and then beat man in the face with ball-peen hammer. (link from Obscure Store)

[E: nice: "my rounds collapsed in a John Daly-esque fit of blown shots at the 13th and bourbon shots at the 19th."]

have some *ehem* spare time at work? here's some links to get you through the day.

tokyo plastic

terry tate's full length commercial


Wednesday, February 05, 2003

EH - Are you sure that what's-his-name from West Wing is the best TV president? Personally I like David Palmer from 24. I mean, last night he had the head of NSA arrested and tortured while he watched. I'd vote for a bad ass like that any day.
[E: I don't watch 24, so I can't say. But Bartlett is the dream Dem: the smart, engaged, socially liberal, fiscally moderate family man with vast knowledge of world and us history and a nobel prize in economics to boot. He is also an eye-wettingly fervent believer in government as a force for good. As for badasses, I'll take Vic Mackey from The Shield. He went into Tiajuana to extort and kidnap one brother of a drug family, then went back to LA and beat the other (smarter) brother to a pulp with his own law books (and then held his face to an electric stove for good measure).]

Has anyone adjusted their cost benefit analysis after hearing Uncle Colin this morning? Or are we bound and determined to pull our anti-Bush blankets over our heads and say "there is no good in the man, there is no good in the man" loud enough so nothing gets in? [I'm not really a big fan of the blanket-over-the-head method, but if that's how you want to go about it then that is absolutely your right. -- RM {Back to making no sense? Sh.} [You used to be smarter than this. What happened? Did your asshole cancer finally spread to your brain? - RM]{Rick, when your brain tells you to type, wait another week until it gives you something clever to say. Sh}
[E: kudos on your use of links in that post, particularly to the picture of the Joe Millionare chick all tied up. That sort of thing helps give this blog a strange internal coherence.]
[E: I can't take the UN seriously. We're supposed to leave our national security decisions in the hands of these clowns? Them and what army? And to have to listen to France... well, here's what Marc Stein had to say that I thought was pretty insightful:

A few weeks ago, there was a spot of bother in Ivory Coast. Don't ask me what's going on: President Wossname represents the southern Wotchamacallit tribe and they're unpopular with natives in the northern province of Hoogivsadam. Something like that. But next thing you know, French troops have locked down the entire joint and forced both parties into a deeply unpopular peace deal that suits the Quai d'Orsay but nobody else. All of this while the UN is hunkered down in a month-long debate on whether to approve Article IV Sub-section 7.3 (d) of Hans Blix's hotel bill. Ivory Coast is nominally a sovereign state. The French have no more right to treat it as a colony than the British have to treat Iraq as a colony. But they do. And they don't care what you think about it.

So they're not appeasing Saddam. On the matter of Islamic terrorists killing American office workers and American forces killing Iraqi psychopaths, they are equally insouciant. Let's say Saddam has long-range WMDs. If he nuked Montpelier (Vermont), M. Chirac would insist that Bush needed to get a strong Security Council resolution before responding. If he nuked Montpellier (France), Iraq would be a crater by lunchtime.

SH: France is like Rick, they both make life easy: They take a position, you automatically take the opposite and you know you are right. But I think France's opposition stems from their belief that they actually have to fight in the war. Once they realize they won't be embarrased by getting their asses kicked again, they'll relax. And by the way, what is: "the decisive reinforcement of the means of inspections"? [Don't know where you're seeing that quote {SH: That's what the Frog eaters UN Ambassador called for instead of a war}, but I would guess that it relates to the US position that the inspections should include use of U2 spy planes - RM]

RM: In my opinion , the better insult would be "France is like Rick, once they realize that they won't be embarrassed by getting their asses kicked again, they'll relax." I just think that it's more insulting to imply that someone is a chronic loser and defensive about it that to merely imply that someone is always wrong on issues. Still lame {SH: You are quite modest, with much to be modest about}, but slightly better. That advice comes free of charge. I would note, however, that France did actually fight in Gulf War I, unlike, say, Germany. I would also note that France's actions in the Ivory Coast were backed by the U.S. who sent a small contingent of military personnel to assist the French military and who also, along with the U.N., has endorsed the peace deal brokered by France.
[E: which goes to the point that many UN members, including and especially France, see its primary utility as a leash on American power. I suspect a US-brokered peace deal would've received much more scutiny. France participated in the first Gulf War, then actively undermined the post-war sanctions. They clearly act in their own self-interest and use the UN as a weapon in that cause -- precisely the reason they will not use their veto, because then a decisive victory by the US followed by an outpouring of gratitude from the Iraqi people would reveal France to be not only wrong but completely irrelevant.]

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

"You know, a town with money is a little like the mule with a spinning wheel. No one knows how he got it and danged if he knows how to use it." With all due credit to fark.com.
[E: Ha ha! Those rubes! "Federal grants could pay up to half the cost" hey, wait a second...]{SL: everyone gets a free monorail to their outhouse and back woohoo.}

If there really is a God of California, then perhaps it would behoove us to put His or Her image on the new quarter. It's the least we can do. [Hmm . . . according to the internet, the God of California is David Lee Roth. I think I would rather have the Golden Gate Bridge on the quarter. - RM][i say we go with a miner on the quarter. fits the image of greed, and most of the gold rush miners were broke so putting their image on a quarter fits the bill. i do think we should us this miner, at least atari 800 fans will be happy. [There was an Atari 800? That blows my mind like saying there was a Commodore 63. - RM]{A: Not a choice}

Since 2001, my portfolio only has one stinking winner. I think I need a healthcare element.
[E: I don't know anything about stocks, but while certain pharmaceuticals go in and out of favor, pharmaceutical distribution is a constant. We spend a ton of money with these guys, for whatever that's worth. Also, always gotta have someone around to clean up.]

Anyone that seriously wants rules or the merest scent of ********** is a pissant fucking asshole. That's all I have to say on that matter. [Link added by RM][censorship provided by SL[hahaha great comeback sony, ill leave the link to my initials but warn others about the massive porn popups that are not safe for work] {Are you kidding, work is the only place I check out pornos. Can you imagine Jennifer pulling down the browser history and seeing freepussy.com? ANy ideas how I can delete that so I can get my porno fill at la casa and work?}[E: clearing history does it in IE, though you probably want to delete all cookies and temp files too]

Perhaps I'm only adding to the deluge of newsprint already devoted the shuttle, but I found this counterpoint on the utility of the shuttle program refreshing.
[E: heard a guy on NPR this morning talking about the same thing, that they don't produce anything of value, and that they struggle to find worthwhile experiements. This recent mission included watching spiders build webs in zero-G, not too far off from teaching ants to sort tiny screws in space.]
{So: Here's a kick ass old article and a newer one, by the guy who happens to write Tuesday Morning Quarterback on Espn.com.}

By the way, I liked the tax talk, especially the insults. We just need someone to call "time" after a spell.

Rounding together these recent topics, on the Daily Show last night they were talking about how LeBron James' high school was taking in $10K per game, but that "the finances were handled by the 11th grade accounting class, which funneled profits to their offshore sister school, 'Our Lady Of International Waters'." [That's funny - RM]

SL: man i hate these idiots searching for any way to hurt LeBron. first the hummer, then he gets caught with some jerseys. gd, how much money has his school and espn made off this guy already? its not like at any time he couldnt have signed a shoe contract or many other endorcements, but he didn't. and now he gets busted for a coulple of expensive jerseys. lame. can you say hate-errrzzz?!?

Monday, February 03, 2003

Perhaps rules will work better than themes. These rules may work well: First rule of the OldschoolCxC blog is you do not talk about tax. Second rule of OldschoolCxC blog is YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT TAX! Third rule of OldschoolCxC blog, someone brings up tax, the blog is over. Forth rule, only two guys to a fight, fifth rule: one fight at a time, fellas. Sixth rule: no shirts no shoes. Seventh rule: Fights will go on until the admin says they're over or until someone brings up tax. And the eighth and final rule: If this is your first time at OldschoolCxC blog , you have to post something interesting.
[E: wait, i get it now... you and Sony were the same person all along!]
SL: First rule about Blog Club...you don't talk about Blog Club!
[United BlogHeads: for violating rule #1 of CxCBlogClub and harboring weapons of mass boredom you and Sony are considered the Axis of Evil.]

That's a good post Erik, it's funny I was going to suggest we roll out 'Topics of the week' or whatever. (too structured?) (Tax has been done, BTW.) and I was thinking TV shows would be a good one.
I like the Daily Show too, I get as much news as the news would give me and jokey jokes.
also from the comedy channel:
Insomniac with Dave Attell, see him in Oakland doing crime scene cleanups? this guy finds some of the drunkest fools you'll see on TV.SL: Dave is too much, he's the greatest trolling comedian working the bar scene on late night TV.
Southpark : I was a little late to the party (makes all the reruns new to me) but it is just amazing what they can say on TV these days.. about anything it seems.. and Glenn told me the animation is (well, was originally) all construction paper cutouts, and that's kind of cool. [E: I'm willing to go out on a limb and say that the South Park movie is the funniest movie ever made.]
the last Joe Millionare (Fox) might be worth watching.. next week. SL: don't wanna give it away...but...*gasp*..he's broke!

OK, I'm bored, and I need something lite to post (i.e. not about the tax code, the pending war, or sad stupidity of jurors who convict someone despite not wanting to see him convicted, which I'm still pissed about), so how about this:

My Top 5 TV shows on the air currently
The Daily Show (Comedy Central - 4 days a week, I never miss it. Thank god for tivo.)
Home Movies (Cartoon Network - from the makers of Dr. Katz; very, very funny)
The Shield (FX - best cop show bar none)
The West Wing (NBC - the Democratic wet-dream president, I know I'd vote for him)
American Idol (Fox - this may be the funniest show on tv right now, but unfortunately it gets less and less funny as the rounds progress) {I dunno, I think Kelly Clarkson's "career" since the last American Idol is pretty funny. It'll be even funnier when 12 months from now, after nearly disappearing from the collective American psyche, she makes headlines when she checks into rehab. That'll be a laugh riot. - RM} [E: still, those guys last week going out on the town when everyone else was practicing because they figured with their AI credentials and the camera crews following them they'd be "swimming with chicks" - then later shown leaving the bar with this huge, skanky chick... just through the roof. You can't write this stuff.]

couple things..

1. More than meets the eye
[E: You: It's a guy in a robot-to-car Transformer costume. Me: Without looking, I'm going to guess that he's Japanese. Right? Am I right?]

2. new lemons song up and available for DL.

also this too...

3. What does this image convey? comp#4 {RM guesses, "New document."} [E: Redundancy (a mouse highlighting a keyboard shortcut)] ... maybe this new comp will make it more clear.
Select this image to see an updated version [RM asks: Is this like one of those New Yorker cartoons where there's some witty hidden message for clever folk, of whom I am not one?][nah, supposed to be simple and clear. the concept is "NEW". so you were close with new document. i added the game show "new car" ladies feel to the second one. - SL] [Didn't say "new car lady" to me. More like, "damn, these chicks are awfuly excited about ctrl-n." But that's just me. I'm not particularly clever. I did like EH's interpretation. He is clearly the target audience for New Yorker cartoons. - RM]

The "smoking gun" on Iraq WMDs and plans to use them. Put that in your cost/benefit analysis and smoke it.
[A:>The bodyguard probably did his own cost/benefit analysis of being a Sadaam lookalike that had to stay near such a giant walking target. "He has concealed guns all over his body," Sadaam ought to get a giant pile of coke and recreate a Scarface scene in one of his castles.]
[E: I like that no one ever sees him in person anymore, he only communicates by phone. That's right, he's Charlie, and his sons and Tariq Azid are his Angels. "Angels I have a mission for you: Go poison the Israeli water supply."]

R: Five yard penalty for flamebaiting.
[E: Didn't mean to... I actually have an overly-long diatribe ready to go on why I agree with the cost/benefit analysis model while coming to a different conclusion than you did, but I figure if I wait a couple weeks the point will be moot.] {It's good cocktail talk. So when do the cocktails start?- RM}-=>A:Early<=- SL: maybe i can convince AD to roll up to the Bay with me for the 15th party! hehe. leave on Fri, come back on Sun or Mon morning. [That would be cool in several ways. Not least of which is that I haven't seen AD in, like, two years. I'll send you both the e-mail invite w/ information later this week. A good time will be had by all. Guaranteed or your money back. - RM]

Yahoo! Groups : blogger_user_support
Unofficial Blog support group confirms join new blog "invitation already used" error- guess we just wait for them to fix it.

SL: all the mud wrestinling tax lawyering has confused poor blog.

EH - Betcha didn't know that Oakland is a world leader when it comes to anti-terrorism fridge magnets.
[E: well, Oakland just aims to "please our American masters."]
[E: just got his in my work email:
The Cities of Oakland, Alameda and San Leandro have recently established a Corridor of Safety resulting in the development of a new Alerting and Warning Siren System to alert the general public in the event of an emergency. The attached information provides details of this system as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

Please note the sirens will be tested this Wednesday February 5, 2003 at 12:00 noon. In the future the sirens will sound at 12:00 noon on the first Wednesday of every month. Please do not call 911 when the Sirens sound.

Saturday, February 01, 2003

You at the Clippers game last night Sony? They showed a replay (during the Laker VICTORY) of the fan hitting the half-court shot (for a car?). He did bank it in, but it was a one-handed shot and had a lot of arc as well. So the jury is still out on your laser-beam method.

A adds (real late): I was at my one Clipper game for the year and they showed highlights on the videoscreen and dude was there (in audience). 3 year season ticket holder, ran around the court celebrating after he made it. they showed him getting his car (mitsubishi boxy something or other).

Hey, S, both of our shit is getting deleted b/c we're editing the same post at the same time. [A: perhaps further speed rounds of the Ultimate Tax Code fighting championships will work better in separate posts. worth a try-prob still will be probs when two people are posting at close to the same time], My posts are getting distorted because half the text goes missing every time I post and it sounds like you're having a similar problem. With that said, your statement that I don't understand the rules is both demonstrably wrong and irrelevant and, like most of the rest of your so-called "arguments," it doesn't amount to anything more than a personal attack. When you're ready to actually discuss the issue at hand, let me know. In case you were curious, the issue is: Corps get a tax dedution when they issue their own stock to cover employee stock option exercises but they don't have to treat it as an expense for book purposes. Is the tax-book discrepancy the result of a tax subsidy or is the benefit on the book side? You're saying it's on the book side, and I'm saying it's on the tax side. Hope that helps get you back on track. It's a narrow issue and doesn't have anything to do with the tax treatment of option issuance or shareholder level taxation. And honestly, I don't think the taxation of the employees is relevant either but I think that's the crux of our difference of opinion. To your credit, I'll grant that you've make two relevant, albeit not dispositive, points. The first is that there is and should be a match between the employee's inclusion and the corp's deduction. The second is that it could be argued that the issuance of new stock to the employee on exercise is fundamentally the same as the corp issuing new stock for cash then giving the cash to the employee. I disagree with both these points, but they are valid arguments and do go to the issue at hand. I suggest, however, that we drop it since I find it hard to imagine that anybody else gives a rats ass. I'll be in CC in a couple of weeks and perhaps we can use that opportunity to settle this with pistols at 20 paces. Or perhaps we could just bludgeon each other with hardback copies of the tax code until one of us gives. SL clowns:you guys should wrestle in mud or sumptin'
A chimes in: or get drunk on Absinthe and roll down the hill while strangling each other.

bump. bumped up so it wouldn't get lost amongst the tax speak. i remixed lemons for lemonade again, i think this one has the best of the last two mixes. also added a track i made with a buddy (guitarist called peripheral) called live to grow. no lyrics yet, but i'm working on them. [Hey, I like the new LFL mix much better. Agreed that it's the best of the last two. And the LTG beat is pretty fresh too. - RM]
[A: Vocals much clearer. You should keep that extra sour mix (I liked it too), but it would prob sound horrible on a boombox for example.]