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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I don't think there is an 'Ari v Erik', per se. It's just more that our outspoken political polarity reveals itself over time.

I agree with Glenn's comments, mostly. So Glenn, when did you get out of the Psych Ward? HA HA
However, to restate, I think if people make personal attacks (thus violating the friendliness factor of the board), I think the target can add their own comments INSIDE the post, rather than comment on a hidden page -- either to retaliate, or whatever -- remembering the spirit of the Blog is to keep things friendly, and I think most of us believe in freedom of speech. My comment was in a different color, so why not think of it as an 'inserted comment' instead of as an edit to your post?

re: some of my old rants, I apologize if I offended anyone for over-stating my leftist harangues and also for slamming Christianity & Catholicism.

I often rant louder b/c of 'conservative viewpoints', plus the USA is so bombarded with false or inaccurate media that I do feel morally compelled to post further to the Left. Now that I have my own Blog, though, so I think that might mellow my postings here.

Last comments: Finally reading Spiegelman's MAUS comic, and re-reading Orwell's 1984 again. Wow, it's a heavy combo. Seems like Bush & Cheney have used 1984 as a game plan. Bin Laden is surprisingly a near-match to the Goldstein character of 1984.


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