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Monday, November 15, 2004

don't buy this ladder Roll kevin around, he'll be alright... if you linkbrowse to that site, the America Clip seems well edited...

Friday, November 12, 2004

Went to Screenwriters Expo 3 in LA, and who did I meet but Javan! Or did he meet me? :>

I intro'd him to my g/f Corinna, and mis-pronounced his name! (I was always saying like coffee Java +n, not Javan as in Japan w/a 'v'.) Imagine I go on to say, "Oh, we've known eachother for 20 years!" HA HA
-- Later, I explained the name change.

I've been considering changing my name to R.E for years now, for the sake of pronunciation ... & style.

FYI -- De La Soul playing in SF on 11/17 at Slim's. I'm probably skipping that, though.

Anyway, I ask any of the culverites I haven't spoken w/in ... 5 years (?!?!) to send me a freakin' email!!! And Glenn's wedding doesn't count, ya fargin' bastids! HA

I'm just gearing up to get some gear & start shooting some of videos! I have a sad looking website up, need to put some time into threewaysmedia.com -- any of you pro's at coding websites? Wanna help me out here? I'll host your streaming media, if you've got any... My limits are small until I get some serious stuff completed. (I can post warez too ... heh heh)

I'll probably ask my ex-roommate Joaquin, b/c he's a bad-ass AND a flash master. He does sites professionally -- Metal Toad Media -- just giving him a plug.


Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I found the video. They had a clip on the Dennis Miller show. He was trying to preach to the Lions. the Lions actually looked kind of playfull. He got bit in the leg but didnt get et.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

made a few changes. you can now post comments.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

EP.3 Preview (right-click and save target)
hoping it doesn't suck ;)
James Earl Jones to the rescue...

A: dang, how many more of these puppies are there? But you know what someone should do? Make a video game based on Star Wars. man that would be cool if they made one. :o j/k how many are there this year? that techtv video games show really loved one of em.. .. and I know its not MatineeMixup but did Jamie Fox do that shit in Ray or did he do that shit!? waddup Ari ask that McKey dude something for me.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Last thing to mention -- know there's some musical types out there, here's some tasty sample material:
Kerry v Bush Debate 1
Debate 2
Debate 3
and the harder hitting
Cheney v Edwards Debate

Plus, for non-mixers, they're kinda fun to have on your PC & just drag that time-line slider around. :D

(FYI --> You can 'rip' MOST of the .mp3 samples on Pacifica by copying their URL & editing it in Wordpad.)

Lastly, when it's not that easy to grab a stream, Nullsoft (Winamp creator) offers an free streamripper (on the Shoutcast site) -- along with Shoutcast, their FREE Internet Radio software @ www.shoutcast.com .

PS: Wanna listen to some of my latest Audio experiments? Actually turned out pretty good. Just take some speeches & some .mp3's, and mix 'em up with Acid 4.0.
Intergalactic President
MLKing Mission Impossible
Light Nature

Haven't been online at this blogsite for awhile. Miss all the lovely blogging. ;D
I was doing friendster.com & tribe.net for awhile, which is also pretty fun -- but somehow EACH is one step further removed from person-to-person communications, my preferred mode.

I'm still in SF, voted DEMOC today. Painful, but Nader just don't inspire me this round... HA HA
I try to keep in mind that in Euro-land, it's reasonable to be Green, as they are a powerful force there. Someday, perhaps here too? (As soon as Oprah runs on the Green ticket!) Only in this country is it somehow 'CRAZY' to want a 3rd party -- or is that a second party?!?! Where is the LEFT in this country? (Oh, it's me...)

Seen the new EMINEM video? Whoa.... That's a bit WHACK.

Also had to see the "Team America: World Police" film. Funny as hell, but somehow Bush/Cheney escaped w/o a single reference to their stupid asses!

And of course, I work w/a bunch of peeps voting for Bush/Cheney! Hard to stomache!!! (But I always knew financial sales peeps are foolish -- and they want the tax break. Funny how the money is such a powerful encouragement to vote for WWIII.)

I was shocked after a conversation w/my cousin. I was telling her my frustration w/this worsening propaganda world in USA, and she said (paraphrase) that what's most frustrating is that conspiracy theories are getting so much closer to the truth that it's too hard to distinguish what's "crazy" and what might be real.

It's like w/Bush Cheney Presidency --> Where the hell do you start?

It's insanity from Day 1: from scandalous election & Florida --> to a vacation presidency & minimal press conferences --> to secret energy meetings w/o giving the public records AFTER a subpoena --> to deporting the Bin Ladens after the terrorist attack --> to throwing away the Geneva Accords & torturing prisoners --> to calling ourselves Liberators as we invade a foreign power & oust their government for false reasons --> to accusing their leader of being Evil and accidentally calling the invasion a Crusade --> to Haliburton's exclusive rebuilding deal --> to Enron crisis & Ken Lay's amazing story --> to Carlyle scandals in Kuwait --> to interfering w/people's rights to vote...

and after listing all that stuff, I wonder what I've left out?!?!?!

I mean, I love to rant, but Bush/Cheney always confuses me as to where do you start?!??!! Or stop?!?!?!

Lovin my friend Jerry Quickly's radio show on Pacifica/KPFK in LA I think it's at 5-6pm? He is DAMNED funny. Maybe some of you can catch his poetry slams or hip hop DVD? He is amazing.

Anyway, more to rant coming soon. Going to LA from Thurs - Sun this week for the "Screenwriters Expo" w/my girlfriend Corinna. It's a real deal at $60 (+$4 for extra classes).

Feel free to cell me if you're anywhere near downtown?



SH: Ari, its good to visit places other than friendster.com & tribe.net, and its good to get out of SF because those places can be Echo chambers, where you only hear what you've been saying, but tinnier.

Here's some of what you've been missing. There are many of us who aren't frightened or offended by this election (I voted LIbertarian). I personally think those spineless, toady democrats got what they deserved. They had a chance between a man who forcefully articulated their platform, spoke in favor of their constituents and of what was right, but they kicked his ass to the curb in a rush to find some "electable."; which was code for their impression of what a republican and mainstream is like. They reaped the harvest of that cynical, political decision. Once democrats stop gaming and scheming and just elect their best man, the other 53 million americans may pay attention.

Ran into Melissa Lambert art EL Rincon whilst voting.

Yes, she's still cute with big-ass dimples.