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Friday, May 30, 2003

This text-to-speech thingy is pretty sweet. Of course I had to try a little Fatlip, in the Male 2 voice: "Full of dreams, determination and self-esteem, but now it seems, they hesitate to be on my team."

PArty at Javan's: On June 20-22 Javan will be god knows where but has kindly offered to loan his apartment in San Diego. Me, Erik and my last remaining bottle of Absinthe are thinking of trashing said apartment- any takers?

Popularly held responsible for painter Vincent Van Gogh's mutilation of his own ear, absinthe has been banned in many countries but was never outlawed in Britain. It also turned AD green, and that I seen with my own two eyes.
Finally you see things as they really are, and that is the most horrible thing in the world
{I didn't see much, but I did feel like that bitch in the Exorcist. -a}
[E: I think Eric turned greener than green. BTW, Happy Birthday Eric]

Thursday, May 29, 2003

They're onto us. I'm not sure how this lady found out some of my company's secrets, but believe you me, she will be stopped.
Look into my eyes
In addition to pill-splitting, I believe Kaiser Permanente harms patients in many other ways. I hope you will continue to write and expose Kaiser Permanente so the public will be advised of what it really represents ... bad medicine, which I believe is delivered through its illegal or unethical practices such as refusing to diagnose in order to avoid treatment of disease in order to lower costs, misdiagnosing/labeling patients to discredit those who advocate for themselves, and inappropriately using therapists and alternative/complementary medicine staff who use brainwashing techniques to alter the perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors of its patients.
Vivian Bergamotto, San Mateo

You love Kaiser. You are not sick. Tip your nurse on the way out.

What I need to know now is, can i deduct them as educational or work-related expense?

[E shamelessly steals: Report: TV Helps Build Valuable Looking Skills]

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Summer has never been the same since the 2000 Presidential Election, when we still seemed to be a prosperous nation at peace with the world, more or less. Two summers later, we were a dead-broke nation at war, with all but three or four countries in the world, and three of those don't count. Spain and Italy were flummoxed, and England has allowed itself to be taken over and stigmatized by some corrupt little shyster who enjoys his slimy role as a pimp and a prostitute all at once -- selling a once-proud nation of independent-thinking people down the river and into a deadly swamp of slavery to the pimps who love Jesus and George Bush and the war-crazed U.S. Pentagon.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

I tuned in to watch the badass monk, but his female assistant made it truly entertaining (gotta click through to video).

Just started a link on Matrix at teh matinee mix up page. Best movie out until Nemo shows up and swamps Neo.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

A line from this story about SUV rollover tests: "The Lincoln Town Car was the only car to get five stars in all four crash tests as well as a five-star rollover rating."

My question is this: How does one go about rolling a Lincoln Town Car? That boat probably wouldn't roll if you e-braked while skidding sideways downhill.

"Elidia Garcia . . . said her home was robbed on Mother's Day and many pieces of her jewelry stolen. She said she knows who did it, but she said police seem more worried about the chickens next door than helping her recover her property."

Monday, May 19, 2003

"It was like a Hollywood film," Uday said, according to the BBC. "They cried, `Go, go, go,' with guns and blanks and the sound of explosions. They made a show — an action movie like Sylvester Stallone or Jackie Chan, with jumping and shouting, breaking down doors.''

[more like it was a made for NBC movie.. -a]

Friday, May 16, 2003

The Lakers championship run is over - until a new one starts next year. I think this by quote from a Cal Bears rugby player after they lost the championship for the first time in 12 years says it all:
"The loss was a lot of things," he says. "It was wild, it was rough, it was unexpected, it was disappointing."
"It was," he added, "good for the game."

SH- Gooooo Bears!!! Except for the Top Ranked Varsity Eight that got upset at the PAC 10 finals- you guys suck ass.

SL: I predict the Nets in 7 over the Spurs. Sure Timmy Duncun is a beast. But the Spurs X-factor, the young Tony Parker, won't be going against a Derek Fisher or a Steve Nash. Jason Kidd will be all up in him, allowing the ret of the Nets to surround TImmy. East coast takes it this year. Just one monkey's opinion.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Barbara Boxer calls hanky-panky on Halliburton. Republican senators deny knowing what hanky-panky is, but suspect that it is illegal in Texas except between married heterosexual couples employing proper missionary position technique.

[E: The federal government has pretty strict contracting rules, so if there is a problem here she should point to the actual rule that was broken, not just whine about vague feelings of unfairness. If the GAO finds impropriety, or if the administration claims an unreasonable exemption from the rules due to the war, then it will be time to hammer the administration over this. But so far the argument hasn't gone much beyond Haliburton=Evil.]

{RM: I mainly liked the repeated use of "hanky panky". Although I do think you're going a bit easy on the administration.}

SH:Why don't you guys get a room?

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

ok ok ok, so maybe it is a toy, maybe it is geared towards a younger crowd, maybe i should not be concerned with these things at this point in my life. But don't these look sick?

[E: That looks so damn sweet. If JV were here, he would say it was downright Islamic because it's the Shiite. The younger crowd can eat my exhaust.]
[A: Better graphics squeezed out of the PS2! wow. Better force feedback, yay.. sign me up for more of those behind the eye fake 3d headaches]
[E: "It's good for the flu, It's good for tuberculosis... even fake 3d headaches." (hey it beats whatever it is he rhymed with tb)]{RM: Mural Thrombosis?}

[GH: that's the funniest thing in the world. tosh singing mural thrombosis makes sense in the song continuity. However, everywhere i look regarding the lyrics to that song, the line is interpreted as "umara composis." what is the lyric officially? or is it just like that i killed paul/cranberry sauce line in the beatles song?]{RM: Listened to it yesterday. Sure sounds like "umara composis" to me. But of couse that would make no sense to it can't possibly true. Could it?}[GH: umara composis don't be in me medicine books, man. don't know what kind of evil magic that is. (miss cleo accent omitted) but thrombosis makin sense due to all that claat talk, bumba clot, blood clot, etc.]

let me ask two questions about basketball and about coaching: (1) when you are down by 1 with 19 seconds left and teh opposing team passes teh ball to their worst free throw shooter, do you stand there and guard him for 5 seconds untill he passes to a teamate, or do you foul him? (2) when you are down by 2 with 4 seconds left and your teamate is shooting a 3, do you stand around and watch as it rims out and 3 seconds run off the clock, or do you rush the rim for a put back?

Sam, you are a coach, what would a good coach have told his players in those situations?

[E: I thought (1) was dumb too, but he did miss one free throw so they got what they wanted. I think (2) happened because everyone in the arena and in the known universe thought that shot was good.]

Coach Samuel says:

(1) actually, you stare down the official until you get 2 technicals called on you. that'll teach em!
(2) i tell my kids to stand there and watch it, it actually helps the ball go in.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Perhaps Donald Rumsfeld said it best;

"The message is that there are no knowns. There are things we know that we
know. There are known unknowns, that is to say there are things we now
know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns things we do not
know we don't know."

"There is another way to phrase that, and that is that the absence of
evidence is not evidence of absence."

Newsflash - President Bush vows that Saudi bombing suspects will receive due process in a court of law and are innocent until proven guilty by a jury of their peers. At least I assume that's what he means by "American justice."

[E: I think he meant Texas Justice. They'll be imprisoned and forced to watch bad daytime TV.]

[RM: I was thinking more along the lines of Alabama justice, but the Texas justice quip is much funnier and equally gruesome.]

[E: It was probably more like this quote: "No, we've got one in Texas, and guess what: the three men who murdered James Byrd -- guess what's going to happen to them? {pause for smirk} They're going to be put to death."](Good pull. - RM)

[E: Now THIS is Texas Justice: "The New York Times reported that the new U.S. administration for Iraq will now let U.S. forces shoot looters on sight to discourage the rampant lawlessness that has persisted for weeks. "]

[RM: "They are going to start shooting a few looters so that the word gets around." Apparently Paul Bremer didn't play enough "telephone" in elementary school. "Psst, Americans are shooting Iraqi looters, pass it on." "Psst, Americans are shooting Iraqis, pass it on." "Psst, Americans are executing Iraqis, pass it on." Then the inevitable, "Yo man, I paid for this TV, what you shooting at me for?" Not to say that the threat of summary execution isn't a powerful deterrent. I'd be one law-abiding mo fo if the police walked around with a license to kill on sight. I'd be like, "Hey, can you pin that reciept to my shirt where everyone can see it?"]

Friday, May 09, 2003

Nice Flash app...though transitions are a bit slow:
Who Wants to be a Honeybear Millionaire

A gauzy Skein of Propylene --
That sways with slightest Breath --
This bag holds smocks -- and Bread and Milk
But -- in its folds -- lies Death.
It sways and puffs -- this Thistledown, Balloonlike in its joy --
Each tiny mouth a perfect fit -- This bag is not a toy.

-- Emily Dickinson

Or how 'bout:

The best things in life are free.
Freedom comes at the price of eternal vigilance.
Freedom, therefore, isn't free.
Freedom, therefore, isn't one of the best things in life.
Tyranny is the complete opposite of freedom.
The complete opposite of something is everything that the first thing is not.
Tyranny, therefore, is one of the best things in life.
Ergo, tyranny is better than freedom.

Just doing my best to entertain as well as educate. Like an infomercial.

Believe it or not, this guy is smart. Flye knows what I'm talking about.

[E: Oh yeah, Booger knows him some basketball. There's a reason why guys like this aren't on TV. Also, check out: Where is the Love? This article has lists some of my favorite NBA moments, including Horry throwing a towel at Danny "I can't believe he is my coach" Ainge, and from this year Chris Mills getting his posse and blocking the Blazers' bus from leaving while challenging Wells to a fight. Classic.]

some guy (Phil Hellmuth) that just won the 'world series of poker' the 8th time was plugging his book on CNBC so it reminded me I was trying to find an article called "Fortune's Smile". (that later became a book too). Haven't read it yet but just found the link. kind of skimmed it.. a lot of play by play of poker hands he played, maybe only of interest to poker fans.

O proud left foot, that ventures quick within
Then soon upon a backward journey lithe.
Anon, once more the gesture, then begin:
Command sinistral pedestal to writhe.
Commence thou then the fervid Hokey-Poke,
Mad gyration, hips in wanton swirl.
To spin! A wilde release from Heaven's yoke.
Blessed dervish! Surely canst go, girl.
The Hoke, the Poke -- banish now thy doubt
Verily, I say, 'tis what it's all about.
>-- by William Shakespeare

[Clever. But not WS. /obvious - RM]
{SH really? I'm so dissapointed. But it is a Sonnet, right?}

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Just for old times sake: "Let's talk about something important. (looks over at Shelley) Put that coffee down. Coffee's for closers only. You think I'm fucking with you? I am not fucking with you. I'm here from downtown. "

[GH: fucking genius movie. the entire baldwin part was manufactured for the movie, i think, and is not in my copy of the play.

[RM: I can't listen to the sound clips. What gives?]

{A: Damn, whoever put that site together looooovvvess them some GgGR.}

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Who Are The Uyghurs ? Who is a jew? How about the Hmong among us?

["Yaweeeeeehhhhhh!" For those of you who remember Jews For Jesus Dave. ("Where are the Catholics? Where are the Jews?") -RM]

Monday, May 05, 2003

all real, no computer graphics or effects. OMG!

honda ad

as opposed to all computer graphics! hi-tech video!


or maybe the not safe for work delta ad never seen

delta ad (NSFW)

& you can't go wrong with girl's kissing

kissy kiss

Happy Cinco de Mayo. Or perhaps, happy hangover day.

Saturday, May 03, 2003

This is true, I pay the day-laborers on my porn films with weed.
Marijuana, pornography and illegal labour have created a hidden market in the United States which now accounts for as much as 10% of the American economy, according to a study. As a cash crop, marijuana is believed to have outstripped maize, and hardcore porn revenue is equal to Hollywood's domestic box office takings.
Now the US leads the world in pornography; about 211 new films are produced every week. Los Angeles area [Mostly CC right?] is the centre of the film boom and many of those in the trade are otherwise respectable citizens.

Friday, May 02, 2003

budget computer case

Thursday, May 01, 2003

You just don't see nearly enough H.N.I.C. jokes these days.