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Monday, March 20, 2006

Friends, let's talk politics.
OK, skip politics.
I can do that on my blog (BTW, my most recent post is on ipod zombies, computer zombies, and TV zombies).

Check out this cool-ass touch-screen video of newly acquired Apple tech.

And everyone has seen the new Google Sidebar, yes? I rec installing it. It's quite impressive, as are the plugsin. I had the open-source Desktop Sidebar running forever, still like that one, too.
People keep making claims that Google's going to make it's own set-top box, or that it's making it's own computer... I think Google is the first company to realize the network is the computer, AND go after that big-time. Who knows, they might wind up being the next Blockbuster (on top of all the rest) by dishing out .mpg's of all the online movies.

Also a cool article about the $100 laptops -- ie 1 laptop per child -- the brainchild of a group working on it at MIT. These boxes are not going to be available to consumers but governments only, in orders of 1 million or more. Specs are RedHat Linux, 500mhz CPU, powerable by battery chargeable by alternative means (hand crank, solar, and bicycle), no harddrive, built-in 500megs storage, 4 USB ports, and wireless 'mesh' internet access (I still don't understand this bit). I wonder if this will be real? Target release date is 4th Qtr 2006.


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