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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

So, what I take away from this article is that Mr. Hitchens thinks that Judaism is a stupid religion. Is this a correct reading or am I reading too much into it?

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Perhaps you folks have seen this, but I just saw it and found it to be highly humorous. You have to forward to the 41 minute mark unless you want to watch a bunch of boring shiat before hand. So Al Franken and Bill O'Reilly are at a round table discussion and Franken is talking and telling this story about how O'Reilly claimed to have won a Peabody award when in fact he hadn't. He just completely clowns O'Reilly with him sitting right there. It is extremely rude but funny. Even Molly Ivins looks embarrassed and Bill is clearly not amused. And then of course yelling ensues.

{follow up: Bill O'Reilly gets clowed by judge presiding over Fox's attempt to get an injunction against Franken's book. "There are easy cases and there are hard cases. This was an easy case."}

{yet more follow up: The foxnews.com summary of the exchange.

It sounds like Bill is fantasizing just a little bit about killing Franken. From his radio show: "In the Old West, and I would have loved to have been in the Old West, Al and I, we would have had a little shootout. We would have gone out on Willshire Avenue, six shooters. Now he's a much smaller target than I am, about 4'11, but he's wider and it would have been, you know, Clint Eastwood time, you know, I would have the sharout, shirapi (sp?) and I had my squint, and I would have put a bullet right between his head. Would have been wrong. Would have been wrong. But that was the Old West, and I would not have known any better, so I wouldn't have been held accountable, because I wouldn't have - but now I do. Now, in 2003, that would have been wrong."

And then from his TV show: "Imagine sitting next to somebody calling you a liar for that period of time. If that happened 200 years ago, there would have been a duel, and trust me, he would have lost."}

SL: isn't this what they have celebrity boxing for?

Friday, August 15, 2003

The Neo-con must-have Christmas gift of the year - All hail the Commander in Chief! Haha...

You know, this gives me hope that we will one day steal the last vestiges of hope, self respect and sneering sense of competency that the rest of the world bitterly holds on to. Soon, the imperial Red Wing will stomp the world's nuts for good and we won't have any more concern about the U.N., b/c the Coalition of the Sucks-ups will be as endless as Amber waves of grain. Freddy's only 14 years old, but in 2006 he will crush the world and announce that America's Imperium is official and total and nothing escapes it.

Arnold's gonna clean house!

A: that's a very convincing bit, but I still haven't ruled out the porno chick ('Make lap dances a tax deductible business expense') . Gary Coleman, or Larry Flint.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

XIII-the-game Official site
testing the new BlogThis! button I now have in my links bar. this is a cell shaded (looks like a comic) game SL gave me the heads up on. looks pretty good but I got some UI problems, switching weapons when I am trying to shoot them. (because of my wolfie hit the shift to run instincts)

Is everyone else getting this clunky "new" version of the posting and editing view or is it just me?

SL: what's weird is i get one way on my computer and another on the computers at school. i've searched for some option to change posting views, but can't seem to find anything useful.

A: been seeing the newer (blue schemed) one for a while now.. Testing a link for Blogthis blogger main page sez you can drag that to (IE) links bar (may not default to shown). Test next.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Rick- Will you be serving Body Sushi? DOn't forget- no greasy spoons.

{RM: About two years ago I got an invitation to a "Sushi Sex Party." I wasn't actually invited, I was just shown the invitation. It was basically the same idea, eating Sushi off other peoples' naked bodies. Only difference, I guess, was the fucking that went along with it. Personally, I thought it was a brilliant idea.}

Monday, August 11, 2003

havenauts. scene

Rick- Why don't you start an "opening my fucking restaraunt" blog? Like a journal for posterity and script for future reality show.

[jv: Future reality show? I am talking about Oakland cable access reality show. How about, "Get Your Pub On"?]

Luka's Blog

{RM: Having recently watched Startup.com, I think I'll pass on the cable access show. But definitely check out the Luka's Blog created by Sam U L.}

Friday, August 08, 2003

Gag them with a spoon.

This guy is freakin' unbelieveable, its amazing how the dodgers can't seem to rally any hits around this superstars performance. Knowing you only have to lead after about 7 innings and you can bring him in should count for something, still they manage to muster 1 or 2 runs a game. Still, last i heard they were only about 5 or 6 games out of the wild card spot. Maybe they're due? nah, smack me now.

SH 3 1/2 back, but with 4 teams ahead of them, the odds are long. Any one of those teams is capable of a long winning streak. Who knows, though, Miracles happen, just ask the 88 Dodgers.

Thursday, August 07, 2003

The new recommended cure for chronic female depression. SEXIST, but fuckin' funny! heh heh

Oh, also putting up some art
Slow going, but going.

Oakland's newest commercial district: Oaksterdam. I actually got the lowdown on the pot scene from my ex-realtor. Apparently some growers have openly leased a property at 14th and Jefferson to convert into a giant marijuana growing facility. Gotta love Oakland. "My client would like to lease your property for the purpose of openly growing copious amounts of marijuana." "Deal." Warms my heart.

[E: "...half a dozen cannabis dispensaries and related suppliers have set up shop in a green triangle bounded by 17th and 19th streets and Telegraph Avenue and Broadway." I mentioned many posts ago that I walk past the place at 19th/Telegraph on my way to work. Paging Dr. Hifumi... hook me up with a script! I have, uh, jumpy bones. In the near future I hope to be able to swing by one of these cafes after work, then on down to Luka's for a Chimay and a cone of fries with extra mayo.]

Dear friends and colleagues:

So, today I reached agreement on a letter of intent to lease restaurant space in Oakland at the site of the former Hofbrau at Grand and Broadway. Provided things don't blow up in the next few days, the final lease will be signed early next week. It's a beautiful art deco building in need of a good paint job. It's got about 5,000 sq. ft. downstairs, 1,500 sq ft. upstairs, a full basement (complete with walk-in keg refrigerator) and a parking lot that can be converted into an outdoor dining area. It's in a highly visible area across the street from several large and fully occupied office buildings and just a block away from the Paramount Theatre.

And so I get by with a little help from my friends. As you might imagine I do not have unlimited resources and am trying to put this together from scratch, so I beg your tolerance as I ask you all for your support.

Sam: If you're amenable, I'd love to work with you on graphic design for logo and website. I think we can reach a mutual beneficial agreement.

Sony: Any advice you can provide me in putting together suitable partnership agreements for Luka's LLC would be mightily appreciated.

All: Need to identify an opening chef with experience managing a comparably sized (100 seat) restaurant kitchen. I'll put it up on craigslist, but personal recommendations are preferred if you know any good candidates.

All: I need to raise cash. I have some cash and a local bank will provide an SBA loan, but partners are needed. So if you or anyone you know may be interested in a $10,000 or greater investment in a flow-through entity with a large upside potential, preferred returns, and the satisfaction of participating in the baddest restaurant and lounge in Oakland (did I mention the VIP lounge upstairs?) then point 'em my direction and I'll make 'em a real good deal. Really.

Thanks and I'll keep you all updated.

SL: first of all. YES. what a great thing for Oakland.

second of all: web site version 1.0

A: big up! and how far is it from Oaksterdam?

SH: Of course, I've actually got something on file that we could start with. BTW, I'm sure some local pimp would kick down for exclusive access to the VIP Lounge.

more luca images

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

howto RTFM : prolly funniest for the nerds that get asked lots of dumb questions.

Ari (aka rekzkarz) : Nice MP3 from Mr. Lemons. I love Fruity Loops3, made some of my own techno-whacko mp3's, but I haven't uploaded them anywhere so I can't link. :( Fuk.
Oh well... If anyone's got some webspace, lemme know & I'll upload & cross link.

Re: Pope & Church & Pedophilia--> My gut says, (don't know how many this will offend) that Catholicism has long encorporated Pedophilia and quietly acknowledged it. After visited Rome in 2000, I was overwhelmed by the symbolism & power of the Roman Catholic church, and looking at the history my opinion is that --> The Holy Roman Empire never fell, it just became the Catholic Empire, and then the Protestant White Empire, and now Bush Jr is showing that he too is a firm believer in white supremacy (as advocated by those who crushed Jesus for being an idealist & revolutionary).
[A: but at least he wasn't a punk]
[Ari: Jesus wasn't a punk? Uh, actually, he was... (if he existed in the first place), a punk like Gandhi was a punk.]

Oh yeah, I'm back & posting. Been too damn busy w/work, moving to new apt in SF, visiting my Grandmother once a month in LA since she fell, and so on... (the so on being jdate.com).

I'm 'aim'-able as rekzkarz. Also have some recent photos up at Yahoo photos under rekz. Emailable there too.

Have you guys seen the Paster clan? 3 now, and I believe 3's the magic number. Kieran, Caleigh, and Maya is the most recent. Pics are up too.

Any truth to the Hifumi engagement rumor?
[gh: yes.]
[Ari: Congrats, you mofo! I mean, Dr. Mofo! :>]

PEACE to y'all!


{RM: Hey, can a non-Jew like me get in on the jdate.com action? There's nothing I like better than planting my gentile seed up in some jewterus. Don't know how many this will offend.}

[Ari: Wow, jewterus. I'm offended. :> Just join the site, dude. If you mention your upcoming biz deal, you'll probably have all the jewish babes putting out in your VIP section.]

{RM: Well, I tried, but as noted earlier, I'm just not that creative. Thanks for the tip. The thought of a bunch of jewish babes putting out in the VIP room will keep me well motivated.}

Pimpopoly? Or, pimpopoly? What kind of morally low person do you have to be think up shit like this?

EK: Damn, I thought you guys had made up the term Pimpopoly. Too bad someone has already used it. I guess you will want to come up with a new name for the game you are working on. How's monop-HO-ly? or Honopoly?

Ari - How about 'HO-nob-rolly'? Or "Ho-nob-slobberly'? [E: I really like "Ho-nob-slobberly" and I don't even quite get it.]

RM: I think the working title is "Players' Ball." Be the first to collect a full set of bling and you'll be the pimp of the mother fuckin' year.

EK: Ah. You do know that the Player's Ball is a real event right?
It was covered in the classic HBO special, Pimps Up, Ho's Down, featuring Ice T.

RM: I'm not imaginative enough to think up something like "Player's Ball" on my own. If I were really imaginative I could complete this rhyming analogy: Chutes:Ladders::'Tutes:? "Tutes And Daddies? I got nothin'.

My prediction: Kobe gets convicted and does time. I think he anally raped that girl when she thought it was just some Amanda Huggenkiss. {Link respectfully added by RM}

Friday, August 01, 2003

lemons instrumental sampler (2 beats).mp3