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Monday, June 30, 2003

Wow - a 6-minute film called "80s Ending"... and it's exactly that: the ending to every 80s movie you've ever seen. This struck me as a so-so idea, but the execution is brilliant. Certainly a better film than those Project Greenlight doofuses (doofi?) are ever going to make.

[A: Channel surfed into the end of Lucas (1986, starring Corey Haim as the nerd) and I had to laugh as the pass that would win the big game flew in slow motion towards the nerdy guy. But they put a twist on it and he dropped it got smashed up and carted off in an ambulance. Then I lost interest and flipped away. I'm sure it got cockle-warming by the end.]

when's yours Sony? There is yet another BBQ at Paige's Moms, this one will be at 6:00p, same for everyone invited and please let us know if you will be attending. Sounds like some lucky folks could indulge in quite a "BBQ crawl." I bet Glenn would win.

I think the new format has smaller type which I like.

BBQ at Casa L'Orange on the Fourth. EVERYONE is invited to my house for meat and roughage. Carbs to be supplied by beer. Someone (Hifumi) bring about 10 feet of surgical tubing, a funnel and water balloons so we can, err, "interact" with Big Javan's BBQ.

If at all possible, can you let me know whether you can make it so I don't order too much meat (although, if Glen makes it that won't be a problem) and so I can make an informed decision between Pony Keg and bottles of beer.

BTW, I hate change and this new format has me flummoxed

Friday, June 27, 2003

I didn't think these guys still had money.

(A: yeah, and how much do these exploding shuttles cost anyways?)

[sl: shouldn't have let tony hawk skate on it before the flight]

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

let's just say Jay Williams was .... distracted

A: googled hearsay sez he was riding a 2002 Yamaha in a residential neighborhood with a buddy on another bike. No other vehicles, no helmet, no motorcycle license. Hotboy is lucky to be alive. seen the pic of his bike?

[sl: i saw it on the news that night. you thought the bike looked bad, i'm sure his leg looked worse. i have a feeling his career is over, especially after hearing about his crushed pelvis and the doctors coming close to amputation. they still aren't saying much or releasing any photos of him.]

[E: Two words: Bobby Hurley.]

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

As far as wacky advertising gimmicks go, this is a pretty decent idea.

[RM: I'd say it's a great idea. Pay some stripper a couple hundred bucks to stand around in pasties, get the internet distribution for free. Expect to see naked chicks walking around Oakland with "Luka's Taproom, Oakland, CA" painted across their backs.]

[SL: make them walk slowly towards the pub and you'll have instant customers! btw, you'll need someone to paint these images on their backs. i'd like to volunteer for that job, so i can be THAT GUY!]

[A: A few other angles.. I was wondering what website it was for. It is for gambling, (goldenpalace.com), not porn.

Sunday, June 22, 2003

here's your autograph, getting knocked the fuck out. stupid mofo,
"You may have fists, but we have guns," Samuel Velez, 31, allegedly told Tyson in the lobby of the Brooklyn Marriott, tucking his hand in his shirt to simulate a gun and egging Tyson into a fistfight that left Velez unconscious, according to police sources and court documents.
[E: Supposedly there is video from the hotel lobby, so I'm all a-tingle in anticipation. They could turn this into a reality series: Punks Jump Up to Get the Beat Down, with Mike Tyson. For the pilot, Charles Barkley could throw some fool through a plate glass window.]
{SL: in a related story, two men rub themselves down with meat and jump into a hungry lion's cage yelling, "p.p..p...put em up" in their best cowardly lion voice.}

A: in older Tyson news, he gave Dick D. Hardick a swift drop kick in the dick.

[E: Anyone else see Jackass:The Movie? In one of the skits Johnny Knoxville does some department store boxing with Butterbean -- Butterbean! On purpose! After a couple of head shots with those hamhocks he couldn't remember why he was being take to the hospital.]
{A: oh yes. IIRC after throwing a few punches, Butterbean asks Knoxville to hit him, I guess to make him mad. He does and it does. And knoxville goes to KTFO-ville.}

Thursday, June 19, 2003

This, from this week's San Francisco Bay Guardian, leaves me incredulous: "Walking into Merchants' (401 Second St., Oakl., 510-465-8032), you'll have no idea you're experiencing a piece of living history. It just looks like a good dive bar: three pool tables, cigarette machine, pinball, one of those tabletop-style Pac-Man games. But step closer to the bar and glance down after you order your shot (which you must have because they come huge and with an automatic free beer back), and you will notice a tavern relic. Back in the good old days when women weren't allowed in bars and a man used a rat for a pillow, your standard good-timing, chair-smashing waterfront dive didn't have a bathroom per se. Instead it had a tiled trough running under much of the bar in between the wood and the little railing where you put your foot. This is a urinal. And at Merchants', it's still there. Although today we waste our nights trekking back and forth between bar and bathroom, time at the bar was once valuable and couldn't be squandered on trips to the toilet. If you had to go while standing at the bar, you just let fly – trying, if you had any shred of politeness, to aim away from your neighbor's feet."

Just in case this applies to anyone, New York Real Property Law Sec. 17: Heirs of patriotic Indian

The heirs of an Indian to whom real property was granted for military services rendered during the war of the Revolution may take and hold such real property by descent as if they were citizens of the state at the time of the death of their ancestors. A conveyance of such real property to a citizen of this state, executed by such Indian or his heirs after March seventh, eighteen hundred and nine, is valid, if executed with the approval of the surveyor-general or state engineer and surveyor prior to January first, nineteen hundred and twenty-seven, and thereafter with the approval of the commissioner of transportation indorsed thereon.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

S0fT k0r3 PR0N

not safe for work (boobies)

the not safe for work version, with interactivity

Monday, June 16, 2003

Oh no Glenn I'm reading that crap again.. this link that popped up somewhere:
Gore Vidal on 911 "Bush And The Dog That Did Not Bark"
The Enemy Within (same thing, formatted better w. footnotes)
The meaning of Tim V.
led to these
GV Index
"That’s one of the reasons no one has seen a decent ham sandwich since the Second World War"

is this the dude that wrote those Rabbit books?

[gh: here's your man. don't forget, beware of following the octopus...

if any of you guys get those changes to policy notices in with your car insurance, take a look thru it, it might be good for a laugh.. I got one (State Farm) that basically excluded them from paying out on anything involving: fungi or nukes.

Thursday, June 12, 2003


i'm back. jeez for a computer geek i don't check in here very often. :D

[E: videoage - this is a pretty sweet video. Anyone know who this is? OK, so it's DJ Format, but that doesn't help me unless the DJ is an MC2.]

[RM: Don't know if this answers the question, but here's the album. Song featuring MCs Charlie 2na and Akil from Jurrasic 5. No info on who the dancers are, since all sharks and tigers tend to look alike to me. On an arguably related note, I clicked through the linked page to the jazz bizniz album and checked that out. Nice.]

SL: RM are you still a bad person? or should i blame the post office for never receiving a cd. [RM: Eh, both. I'm gonna try to hook up w/ you folkseses in San Dizzy, so maybe I can hand deliver then.] Hell yeah, be there!

Me Father in LAw Done Good.

The Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame announced its 2003 inductees at Woodbine Racetrack today. The inductees include Roy Johnson of Calgary, Alberta, the only man to train a colt from Western Canada to win the Queen’s Plate, along with builders Frank J. Selke, the man who imported the sire of Bunty Lawless who was Canada’s Horse of the Half-Century, and Murray Brown, a native of Cote St. Luc, Quebec, public relations director for Hanover Shoe Farms, the largest Standardbred nursery in the world.

Brown gained his fame as a publicist and pedigree expert with Hanover Shoe Farms in Hanover, Pennsylvania where he’s served as public relations director for over thirty years. He is considered one of the most knowledgeable pedigree experts in North America and also serves as vice-president and general manager of the Standardbred Horse Sales Company which conducts a yearling auction and mixed horse sale each year in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Monday, June 09, 2003

? Does anyone remember when Eric had to disarm Russ after he had pulled Andrew's sword off the wall

[jv: AD remembers when Little did a flying sidekick that basically knocked MY ass unconscious. Plus I remember freshman year in college, silent-E put BOTH flyE (nee good ole Big) and I in wrist locks with some of that Ko-REE-uhn voodoo. Whatever happened to that guy? You want to know respect? When my brother started taking martial arts last year I advise him to take Little's style, Hapkido (which I have never taken personally), rather than advise him to take one of my previous styles. I'm ready for the rematch now, though. I got a new style.]

{A: I remember all that crazy shit. wouldn't be a night till blood was shed. anyone see the sumo documentary on that guy Akebono? aka the Chad .. "His size made him a basketball prospect" could you imagine...}

SH: Damn, JV that is some genius linking. There's a lot to this bio: "6-foot-9, 510-pound naturalized Japanese citizen born in Hawaii; first foreign grand champion in sumo wrestling's 2,000-year history; retired in Jan., 2001." I liked the Americans, but I have to admit that my favorite has always been Takanohana. That thing where he always touches his opponent and helps them up after rocking their world is like some mystical hunter praying for the soul of his prey shit.

Friday, June 06, 2003

Bifocles. Tweed blazers with suede elbow patches. Leather shoulder satchels. Bling bling.

[A: Fa Shizzle My Nizzle]

Thursday, June 05, 2003

Arnold for Gov! We mentioned it a few months ago, and now we're one step closer. He can't be stopped - IT'S ALL HE DOES. Comedians around the country are praying to their god of choice for this to happen.

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

No joint for Ed.

[E: Did I mention that the OCBC is now at 19th/Telegraph across from the Fox theatre in OT? Keep this between us... don't tell the feds.]

hey all. i was talking to AD yesterday about how someone attempted to send the backdoor/subseven trojan horse into my computer. does anyone else have experience with attacks like this what to do?

[E: Kevin Mitnick recommends this company. They have a free trial version.]