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Friday, March 30, 2007

Wasn't posting for a while. Didn't want to be forced to get a google account. I guess they backed off because I can post again. Still considering moving the blog somewhere else. Any ideas.?

According to Frederic Ruffy, an analyst at Optionetics, oil received an earlier bid Friday after several media reports of escalating tensions with Iran ahead of the weekend.
A Reuters report said Iran has plans to stop selling oil in dollars completely.
And Debka, an Israeli military intelligence website, said that American investors in Bahrain have been advised to leave by U.S. army officers, who spoke of security concerns. The move was "a hint of an approaching war with Iran," Debka concluded.
News agencies said the White House has denied any knowledge of such events.
Earlier, Debka cited "intelligence sources in Moscow as predicting that a US strike against Iranian nuclear installations codenamed Operation Bite has been scheduled for April 6."
"While Debka has reported unfounded 'news' stories in the past, this particular story seems to be feeding speculation that the crisis is reaching a critical point, just before the weekend," said Optionetics' Ruffy.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

2008 Presidential Race bracketology.

OK, no money on the line here, so you apolitical types please put in your predictions. It's just bragging rights, and at this point nothing is too far-fetched.

Here are the candidates with at least a slim chance to win, feel free to add another if needed (the veep may not come from this list):

Joe Biden
Wesley Clark
Hillary Clinton
John Edwards
Al Gore
Dennis Kucinich
Barack Obama
Bill Richardson

Sam Brownback
Newt Gingrich
Rudy Giuliani
Chuck Hagel
Mike Huckabee
John McCain
Ron Paul
Mitt Romney

Give your final four, primary winners plus veep candidate, and finally our next president.

Although it's starting WAY too early, this presidential primary season could be interesting. Check out this grassroots video from Obama supporters doing the Apple 1984 thing:

Is it too early for predictions and/or wagers? I've already collected my $100 from Rick when I bet him three years ago that Hillary would run (he thought it was right-wing talk radio chatter). I certainly have a favorite, but I'm talking predictions (i.e., I love the Lakers but they will get crushed by the Mavs tonight). I'll put it in another post.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Anyone here have the time and knowledge to make a couple of changes to the blog? I think it would be nice to have: 1) Dates added to the comment time-stamp; and 2) a "last comment date" on the main blog next to number of comments. Would make it easier if I haven't visited in a couple of weeks to catch any comments I've missed.

I might be able to poke around, but I suspect AD/Samuel/Ari may have the mad markup skillz that I lack.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Have you guys heard Immortal Technique "Bin Laden"?
SOLID. Good music and good truth.

From the ceegar that AD awarded me, Glenn, I have to assume congrats are in order on the upcoming Little Hifumi. The boy will change your life. Not just because of the increasd demands on your time, the loss of attention from your wife, the increased focus on your finances, and your exposure to a whole new group of people, but your outlook but also b/c having a kid changes your persepctive to include their's. I stopped watching local news and extremely violent movies.

You also have to realize that your wife carries the baby for 9 months so she already has an attachment when its born. For each of my 3 it was kind of a blob that needed getting used to, which took a few months. So don't feel guilty if your level of fanaticism doean't match hers. Plus, its a guy thing to remain cool and level headed while she gets all crazy.

If you and Sun Min (spellin?) want to hook up for dinner and talk to some ragged veterns, let me know.