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Friday, November 12, 2004

Went to Screenwriters Expo 3 in LA, and who did I meet but Javan! Or did he meet me? :>

I intro'd him to my g/f Corinna, and mis-pronounced his name! (I was always saying like coffee Java +n, not Javan as in Japan w/a 'v'.) Imagine I go on to say, "Oh, we've known eachother for 20 years!" HA HA
-- Later, I explained the name change.

I've been considering changing my name to R.E for years now, for the sake of pronunciation ... & style.

FYI -- De La Soul playing in SF on 11/17 at Slim's. I'm probably skipping that, though.

Anyway, I ask any of the culverites I haven't spoken w/in ... 5 years (?!?!) to send me a freakin' email!!! And Glenn's wedding doesn't count, ya fargin' bastids! HA

I'm just gearing up to get some gear & start shooting some of videos! I have a sad looking website up, need to put some time into threewaysmedia.com -- any of you pro's at coding websites? Wanna help me out here? I'll host your streaming media, if you've got any... My limits are small until I get some serious stuff completed. (I can post warez too ... heh heh)

I'll probably ask my ex-roommate Joaquin, b/c he's a bad-ass AND a flash master. He does sites professionally -- Metal Toad Media -- just giving him a plug.



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