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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Last thing to mention -- know there's some musical types out there, here's some tasty sample material:
Kerry v Bush Debate 1
Debate 2
Debate 3
and the harder hitting
Cheney v Edwards Debate

Plus, for non-mixers, they're kinda fun to have on your PC & just drag that time-line slider around. :D

(FYI --> You can 'rip' MOST of the .mp3 samples on Pacifica by copying their URL & editing it in Wordpad.)

Lastly, when it's not that easy to grab a stream, Nullsoft (Winamp creator) offers an free streamripper (on the Shoutcast site) -- along with Shoutcast, their FREE Internet Radio software @ www.shoutcast.com .

PS: Wanna listen to some of my latest Audio experiments? Actually turned out pretty good. Just take some speeches & some .mp3's, and mix 'em up with Acid 4.0.
Intergalactic President
MLKing Mission Impossible
Light Nature


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