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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

let me ask two questions about basketball and about coaching: (1) when you are down by 1 with 19 seconds left and teh opposing team passes teh ball to their worst free throw shooter, do you stand there and guard him for 5 seconds untill he passes to a teamate, or do you foul him? (2) when you are down by 2 with 4 seconds left and your teamate is shooting a 3, do you stand around and watch as it rims out and 3 seconds run off the clock, or do you rush the rim for a put back?

Sam, you are a coach, what would a good coach have told his players in those situations?

[E: I thought (1) was dumb too, but he did miss one free throw so they got what they wanted. I think (2) happened because everyone in the arena and in the known universe thought that shot was good.]

Coach Samuel says:

(1) actually, you stare down the official until you get 2 technicals called on you. that'll teach em!
(2) i tell my kids to stand there and watch it, it actually helps the ball go in.


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