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Thursday, May 29, 2003

They're onto us. I'm not sure how this lady found out some of my company's secrets, but believe you me, she will be stopped.
Look into my eyes
In addition to pill-splitting, I believe Kaiser Permanente harms patients in many other ways. I hope you will continue to write and expose Kaiser Permanente so the public will be advised of what it really represents ... bad medicine, which I believe is delivered through its illegal or unethical practices such as refusing to diagnose in order to avoid treatment of disease in order to lower costs, misdiagnosing/labeling patients to discredit those who advocate for themselves, and inappropriately using therapists and alternative/complementary medicine staff who use brainwashing techniques to alter the perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors of its patients.
Vivian Bergamotto, San Mateo

You love Kaiser. You are not sick. Tip your nurse on the way out.


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