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Friday, May 16, 2003

The Lakers championship run is over - until a new one starts next year. I think this by quote from a Cal Bears rugby player after they lost the championship for the first time in 12 years says it all:
"The loss was a lot of things," he says. "It was wild, it was rough, it was unexpected, it was disappointing."
"It was," he added, "good for the game."

SH- Gooooo Bears!!! Except for the Top Ranked Varsity Eight that got upset at the PAC 10 finals- you guys suck ass.

SL: I predict the Nets in 7 over the Spurs. Sure Timmy Duncun is a beast. But the Spurs X-factor, the young Tony Parker, won't be going against a Derek Fisher or a Steve Nash. Jason Kidd will be all up in him, allowing the ret of the Nets to surround TImmy. East coast takes it this year. Just one monkey's opinion.


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