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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Anyone here have the time and knowledge to make a couple of changes to the blog? I think it would be nice to have: 1) Dates added to the comment time-stamp; and 2) a "last comment date" on the main blog next to number of comments. Would make it easier if I haven't visited in a couple of weeks to catch any comments I've missed.

I might be able to poke around, but I suspect AD/Samuel/Ari may have the mad markup skillz that I lack.


Blogger REkz said...


I was going to poke around & see if I could mod the settings template, but I don't have any rights to look anymore. Not sure why. So I can't make changes.
If someone (AD?) wants to promote my access, I'll take a look.

I definitely had change power before...

No comments on the video? I thought Immortal Technique is pretty impressive.

12:42 PM  
Blogger A. said...

everyone but the wasabipea is adminned. go for it.

8:04 PM  

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