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Monday, January 08, 2007

Now that the Democrats are in power again, it's time to get moving on my 2007 shopping list:

Personal protection: S&W Model 642 with Lasergrip
Home defense: Model 1300 Defender 8-shot (12ga)
Basic crowd control: Atlantic firearms - California Legal AK-47

Any thoughts on these choices before I buy?


Blogger Samuel said...

that shotgun looks sweet. take me shopping with you, I may just have to get in while i still can.

I wonder if rick will let me keep it behind the bar. There's nothing wrong with liquor and firearms, is there?

11:10 AM  
Blogger glenn said...

if you're going with the revolver, what about a model in .357 magnum ?

1:23 AM  
Blogger A. said...

you been playing GTAs or what?

??????? ??????????? ??????? 1947 ????, with a fixed 10 rd clip, is an abomination. damn you crazy stockton guy. Don't buy that model, Kalashnakov would roll in his grave. didn't the clip ban sunset? tangentialize: There is a documentary on the guy ( MTK.) that I found interesting. interesting how simple design, leading to easy production, loose tolerances (great for sandy areas), and a tumbling bullet make a proven and voluminously produced killing machine that will prolly be as timeless as the 1911.

Shotty: Sho nuff. Don't fall for the cool looks of the pistol grip models, Masaad Ayoob (author, gun columnist, recommended reading) says it kills the intuitive pointing nature of the boom stick.

simple (check masaads theories on complex physical operations during stress provoked adrenaline dump, see recent emergence of DAO autos and no safeties), also proven, laser handle is cool, but only 5 shots of .38? heard people like the new springfield XDs if you are into the plastic thing.. 13+1 x .45 is no joke. Either way, a gat without the shells is just a club. then which do you want..?? doh.

glenn, and remember to give em the make my day line.

guns and ammo website is free and doesn't register hassle you.

aw shiggidy now the giggedy can profigleme as a gu|\|ut.

12:16 AM  
Blogger Erik said...

Thanks for the advice... I think there's still a CA ban separate from the Brady Act.

Revolver for exactly those reasons; I want to be practiced ("well regulated" in constitution-speak) enough to use it, but understanding that if god-forbid the need ever rises, I'll likely be pretty nervous and need something simple. And if I need more than 5 shots, I'm probably already fucked. But point taken.

That shotty is an easy call. Got some good advice on that one.

I'll give some more thought to the assault rifle. Like the revolver, I want something that will 100% work if ever needed.

11:15 AM  

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