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Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Ari (aka rekzkarz) : Nice MP3 from Mr. Lemons. I love Fruity Loops3, made some of my own techno-whacko mp3's, but I haven't uploaded them anywhere so I can't link. :( Fuk.
Oh well... If anyone's got some webspace, lemme know & I'll upload & cross link.

Re: Pope & Church & Pedophilia--> My gut says, (don't know how many this will offend) that Catholicism has long encorporated Pedophilia and quietly acknowledged it. After visited Rome in 2000, I was overwhelmed by the symbolism & power of the Roman Catholic church, and looking at the history my opinion is that --> The Holy Roman Empire never fell, it just became the Catholic Empire, and then the Protestant White Empire, and now Bush Jr is showing that he too is a firm believer in white supremacy (as advocated by those who crushed Jesus for being an idealist & revolutionary).
[A: but at least he wasn't a punk]
[Ari: Jesus wasn't a punk? Uh, actually, he was... (if he existed in the first place), a punk like Gandhi was a punk.]

Oh yeah, I'm back & posting. Been too damn busy w/work, moving to new apt in SF, visiting my Grandmother once a month in LA since she fell, and so on... (the so on being jdate.com).

I'm 'aim'-able as rekzkarz. Also have some recent photos up at Yahoo photos under rekz. Emailable there too.

Have you guys seen the Paster clan? 3 now, and I believe 3's the magic number. Kieran, Caleigh, and Maya is the most recent. Pics are up too.

Any truth to the Hifumi engagement rumor?
[gh: yes.]
[Ari: Congrats, you mofo! I mean, Dr. Mofo! :>]

PEACE to y'all!


{RM: Hey, can a non-Jew like me get in on the jdate.com action? There's nothing I like better than planting my gentile seed up in some jewterus. Don't know how many this will offend.}

[Ari: Wow, jewterus. I'm offended. :> Just join the site, dude. If you mention your upcoming biz deal, you'll probably have all the jewish babes putting out in your VIP section.]

{RM: Well, I tried, but as noted earlier, I'm just not that creative. Thanks for the tip. The thought of a bunch of jewish babes putting out in the VIP room will keep me well motivated.}


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