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Monday, June 09, 2003

? Does anyone remember when Eric had to disarm Russ after he had pulled Andrew's sword off the wall

[jv: AD remembers when Little did a flying sidekick that basically knocked MY ass unconscious. Plus I remember freshman year in college, silent-E put BOTH flyE (nee good ole Big) and I in wrist locks with some of that Ko-REE-uhn voodoo. Whatever happened to that guy? You want to know respect? When my brother started taking martial arts last year I advise him to take Little's style, Hapkido (which I have never taken personally), rather than advise him to take one of my previous styles. I'm ready for the rematch now, though. I got a new style.]

{A: I remember all that crazy shit. wouldn't be a night till blood was shed. anyone see the sumo documentary on that guy Akebono? aka the Chad .. "His size made him a basketball prospect" could you imagine...}

SH: Damn, JV that is some genius linking. There's a lot to this bio: "6-foot-9, 510-pound naturalized Japanese citizen born in Hawaii; first foreign grand champion in sumo wrestling's 2,000-year history; retired in Jan., 2001." I liked the Americans, but I have to admit that my favorite has always been Takanohana. That thing where he always touches his opponent and helps them up after rocking their world is like some mystical hunter praying for the soul of his prey shit.


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