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Monday, October 06, 2008

The silence on this blog is sad. So sad...

BUT a voice will be heard! :)

The 20th CCHS reunion actually happened. Shocking!
Strange to imagine some of us are almost 40 years old.
Many Culverites had 2-3 kids and were married 5-10 years.

I am behind on the curve there, but it's ok b/c I've never been in a hurry.

My parents split when I was 3, divorced when I was 5, and didn't make marriage look great. My mom & step-Dad seem to have it pretty good though, and have been together 25+ years, but still -- if it takes me another 5 years, it's ok.

I wonder about how many relationships will end in divorce (esp statistically, since this is Los Angeles which averages > 50% marriages in divorce), who from my class has died, who has become super rich, etc etc. I'm not into the gossip per se, but more just curiosity about the human condition. Sometimes I look at humanity like an outsider. They say that's common for left-handed hi-IQ Sagitarius people with ADHD. Sometimes I wonder if all those adjectives mean the same thing?

Evolution -- been playing a lot of SPORE. It's crazy good. Makes me wonder A LOT about 'evolution'. If we look at a room of 100+ human beings, each could have radically different geneology and adaptive traits, some might even have (vestigial) organs and bone structures not found in others (my friend had some of these), etc. But the heritage of Judeo-Christian Western-European monotheism (or some might say duality with devil and deity worship) is that anyone that deviates from an arbitrary 'norm' is deemed a freak, an oddity, someone to be despised and ultimately destroyed.

Other cultures take odd-balls and have them put in high positions, where their 'outcast' nature gives them enormous perspective on their society and culture, and their insight is highly valued.

Sometimes I wonder if the Earth is one of millions/trillions of experiments in planetary life ... that have gone sour?

Or maybe the point is, like the Buddha hinted at, each of us must deal with an illusionary world which is distasteful and troubling, but in letting go of attachment we align with the sublime and begin an energy transformation from inner to outer.


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Friday, June 20, 2008

The blog that wouldn´t die!

High School Girls make pact to get pregnant. When I saw this headline, I thought ... So what? But then I kept getting this nagging feeling about the movie Juno. It was a fun upbeat film, but it had this weird ´prolife´ message in it that was disturbing.

Wonder if that influenced those girls?

Writing this from Venezuela. I have never seen so many women under 18 looking beautiful while carrying one, maybe two, young babies...

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

REkzkaRZ mix tape #1. Compilation from 3 online albums. 5-2008.
from mixwit.com!

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Monday, January 28, 2008

And no one believes George Carlin on here either?

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Stupid Americans -- it's hard to believe this is a true video.

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Friday, January 04, 2008

No new posts, ho hum.
I guess the left won?

HA -- nope, for if even
Hillary or Barack win,
it's not an upward move,
although of Edwards I approve.


Prefer Kucinich by far,
at least he's anti-war
and anti-graft and pro-green
and trying to impeach the oil machine.

He looks like a dork,
like Mork from Ork,
but look away and listen
to his inspired work.

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Amazing video. I recently saw her speak here in Berkeley.
She pretty much lays it all out there. Sounds like she's done the research.

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

I see written that the BLOG is dead. Hmmmm...
Maybe it is. OR ...
Maybe other folks are hesitant to put stuff up on it?

Perhaps the constant confrontation and challenge model made people less inclined to post? I admit my role in it. It's too easy for me to rant (as you can see if you scroll down. HA). But I'm happy to resume ranting on my blog REkzkaRZ.com and linking w/a 1-sentence summary.

Perhaps if we morph our BLOG to a forum where a range of viewpoints is acceptable -- and personal disagreements & challenges are not what we're about? Dunno.

I see a lot of people signed up now (on the right). I'd like to see more posting from those folks! (And I'll do less, I promise.) Anyone interested? STEP UP, BRO'S!! Staying optimistic for now -- Blog's are somewhat timeless...

Anyone noticed the similarities between Wikipedia and Blogs and the changeable history discussed in Orwell's 1984? The main character was constantly changing historical references as people came into and out of governmental approval. I always remember the image of those tubes shooting messages around. Didn't Al Gore call the internet a bunch of tubes? Funny.

Oh -- saw Al Gore speaking at Full Circle Fund mixer. I was supposed to film him, but got a 'no recording' order in the last minute. BUMMED.
They did give out free certificates for an 11th Hour DVD, when it's released. Saw it in the theaters. Intense flick -- like Gore's 'Inconvenient Truth', but not the same type of happy ending. It got really bad reviews, but I felt the film was nicely done.

Has anyone seen Van Jones speaking before? I felt like he outshined Gore in the speeches. I've seen him speak a few times. Impressive!