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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Erik & Sony's Current bets

Erik and I have many bets that inevitably get lost and forgotten in our 10,000 emails. I am dedicating this entry to memorializing them all.

$50 each:
1. Bombing Iran (U.S. or client state in middle east): o/u is July 2008
Erik optimistically takes the UNDER

2. Laker Playoff Victories 2006: o/u = 2 1/2
Hodur Optimistically Takes OVER (the first round is till 7 games I hope)

3. Tim Worrell saves 27 games for the SF Giants 2006.
Erik takes the OVER

4. Net negative loss suffered by Congressional Republicans in upcoming midterm elections (2006): o/u = 12 1/2 (15 is a loss of control)
Hodur takes Under.

5. Wygals squeeze out third kid: o/u July 15, 2008.
Erik takes the OVER


Blogger Erik said...

Javan says I'm golden on #5.

9:34 AM  
Blogger Erik said...

Update as of 7/21/06:

1. I'm looking good here.

2. Sony hits it on the nose, winning the bet but breaking our hearts. (Sony +$50)

3. From the "what were we thinking" file.. terrible line by Sony, only topped by me taking the wrong side. The season isn't over, but we can call this. (Sony +$100)

4. Still a tough call -- both sides are on a race to the bottom. The Dems could clean up this fall except they have Dean and Pelosi as their leadership.

5. How effective are condoms? I'm about 80-20 here.

9:07 AM  
Blogger Erik said...

Update as of 3/31/07:

1. Still leaning my way.

2. Sony wins (3 playoff victories)

3. Sony wins (just a handful, Benitez comes back as closer)

4. Erik wins (final dem gain was in the mid-20s)

5. Will on my side, nature on Sony's. Coin flip.

9:03 AM  

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