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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Underground pot farm, complete with secret hyrdraulic door. I want to party with that guy.

Also, check out this video clip. Anyone know what this is from? Great editing on an action sequence, so we know it isn't George Lucas.


Blogger REkz said...

Heard of the guy before. I forget what they call his martial art, some kind of urban movement style, but I remembered the headline "the real spiderman". Real Spiderman Video on Google.

Looks like he's got a following in the other video.

Actually, the editing was poor on that video. I hate when they cut right on the action. They teach that in editing classes, but movement artists, like Jet Li and Jackie Chan, really should never be cut on the action. HK and Japanese action films do a far better job, although they tend to forget to edit 1 camera shot of endless dialogue.

Action movies suffer when you see all the blurry action. Probably no need for fight choreography when they edit this way. (Recent Batman movie, that lame Vin Diesel scifi flick, the horrible Aeon Flux, and others.)

Most of the Matrix was edited with that HK/Japanese style, which worked, especially after training all the actors in martial arts for months. Props to the Wachowsky's for that -- even IF they stole the plot idea.

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