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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Travis 'Bush is my Bitch'
Click on "Bush is my Bitch" link. Funniest part are the last few lines.

At MacWorld, Jobs intro'd new Macs running on Intel chips. Yawn. They run fast, and basically look the same. The only thing about it for me is it makes my 2005 Powerbook into an old piece of shit. :(

One thing that blew me away is how few Mac users use any KB shortcuts.

Some other new goodies at the event, like new software & toys. I bought an Oxygen 8 from the Guitar Ctr booth to replace my aging & large Alesis keyboard. Had problems with latency on the PC, I bet the Mac is faster.

Getting better at Ableton Live, so might as well have a good device to trigger. Going to have to learn some more advanced Mac sound editing software, I guess.

Plus have the evolution U-16. Would've preferred the newer 'X' version (of course), but it's a good box. Highly rec a midi-knob box messing w/Midi automation in music software.

Anyone else making music want to discuss music setups?


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