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Friday, July 08, 2005

re: Sony's commentary -- I'd have liked to see it too. Don't know where it went?!?? And I don't know Zog either, but if the Right can have whacko extremists and PAC's, the Left needs 'em too. HA HA

re: this format --> I don't like that comments are hidden. That seems ... lame.
If you're going to comment, I suggest editing someone else's post and adding the 'less than' font color="blue" 'great than' tag and
'less than' /font 'greater than' to end that font.

I mean, this is the closest some of us get to any kind of chatting, so let's keep it two-ways!

Hope everyone's well. Hope to see Eric tonight for a bit. Looking forward to it. PEACE!


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