oldschool CxC

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Working on REkzkaRZ BLOG.
Looking sweet, just need some more entries... TIME...

Three Ways Media may die b/c of tax issues,
so considering REkzkaRZ Video Rebellion.
Has a nice soft ring to it, right? HA HA
Nah, j/k. Thinking about names...

Trying to get a new job.
Just had interview #2 today.
Whew, it was a difficult one!
Cross your fingers for me, fellas!

Life is good. Just passing 10 mo's
with g/f Corinna. That's going great.

Only downsides are my dayjob and ... BUSH.

Hopefully the bastard's getting impeached!!!!

PEACE & LOVE (to all of us,
but warmongers should pay
the price for their deeds)


(These Abu Ghraib torture center
(aka prison) photos are shocking, but ...
from what I've heard on Pacifica,
which may lose it's funding
(another rant -- but my link does NOT
go to the HOAX email going around),
it's actually far worse than the photos would make you think.
And that's SPIN control, Republican fascist style!)
One thing I can't dis Bush for
is poor handling of media control.
He's got the media by the little ones!