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Friday, May 20, 2005

Bob Saget -- dirtiest man in America:
“Saget is the dirtiest motherfucking cocksucker that ever walked the face of the earth!” said [Penn] Jillette. “Doing those little bullshit family shows, playing the retarded fucking squeaky dickless dad—that’s not Saget! That’s a joke. You go to a restaurant with Saget and before he orders food, he’ll be talking to the waitress about fucking his daughters in the ass.”


Blogger Javan said...

Didn't I tell you guys about this like ten years ago? I was cooking at a $500/plate A-list celeb event in Santa Monica, a benefit for scleroderma (which is this horribly debilitating disease that afflicts women primarily) and Saget was the MC. So in addition to like, Kevin Costner, Julia Roberts, Nick Nolte (think '96 A-list) there were victims of this terrible disfiguring disease.
By the time the ceremonies begin, Saget is already staggering drunk, and every other word is "motherfucker". He had no idea what the disease was, and he was totally clowning, telling dirty jokes about fucking women in the ass, etc. I was dumbfounded, my only knowledge of Saget being Full House and FAHV. I talked with him a minute, and that motherfucker was tore back. His behavior was so outrageous, I was waiting to see if it would be in the papers the next day. But evidentally that is just how the man is. He's a fucking trip.

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