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Monday, September 04, 2006

Has everyone seen the graphic novel version of The 9/11 Report on Slate? Pretty amazing stuff, except that the interface is annoying.


Blogger A. said...

curse those ads! not in the comic: The scariest part of the part I read was the 4 jackers being flagged by the CAPPS system but slipping by

"When he checked in for his flight to Boston,Atta was selected by a computerized
prescreening system known as CAPPS (Computer Assisted Passenger
Prescreening System), created to identify passengers who should be subject to special security measures. Under security rules in place at the time, the only consequence of Atta’s selection by CAPPS was that his checked bags were held off the plane until it was confirmed that he had boarded the air-craft. This did not hinder Atta’s plans.2

While Atta had been selected by CAPPS in Portland, three members of his hijacking team—Suqami,Wail al Shehri, and Waleed al Shehri—were selected in Boston.Their selection affected only the handling of their checked bags,not their screening at the checkpoint. All five men cleared the checkpoint and made their way to the gate for American 11.

Haznawi was selected by CAPPS.His checked bag was screened for explosives
and then loaded on the plane.18

Hani Hanjour, Khalid al Mihdhar, and Majed Moqed were flagged by CAPPS.The Hazmi brothers were also selected for extra scrutiny by the air-line’s customer service representative at the check-in counter. He did so because one of the brothers did not have photo identification nor could he understand English, and because the agent found both of the passengers to be suspicious.The only consequence of their selection was that their checked bags were held off the plane until it was confirmed that they had boarded the aircraft.12"

-911 report section 1.1

5:08 PM  
Blogger A. said...

do posts get too old to comment on? The artist that did that was the creator of Richie Rich, and the illustrator drew Richie and Casper.

and also bin ladens threat/plot was mentioned in 40 daily presidential briefings before?

12:30 AM  

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