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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

"The left has a proud tradition of defending political freedoms, at home and abroad. But this tradition is in danger of being lost when western intellectuals indulge in power worship. Applause for autocrats undermines the morale of people who insist on fighting for their freedoms. Leftists were largely sympathetic, and rightly so, to critics of Berlusconi and Thaksin, even though neither was a dictator. Both did, of course, support American foreign policy. But when democracy is endangered, the left should be equally hard on rulers who oppose the US. Failure to do so encourages authoritarianism everywhere, including in the West itself, where the frivolous behaviour of a dogmatic left has already allowed neoconservatives to steal all the best lines."


Blogger REkz said...

Skimmed that article. BORING.

But I love articles that blame 'The Left' for supporting leftist movements in S.America b/c those people are doing shady stuff.

Stupid arguments! Politics is sleezy, period. Left, Right, or Center.

I think the main issue is --> who's getting screwed? Is it the poor, the wealthy, the middle class or nobody? After that, its more a question of HOW corrupt will the govt act?

FYI -- apparently the USA is in far more of a vacuum than EVER in terms of media coverage. More euro & Aussie news sources are reporting on the insulated phenomenon of US news reporting.

Strongly recommend listening to Democracy Now or watch it on TV.

Summary --> criticize Chavez for socializing former privatized systems? B/c he changed the constitution? Or for fighting so the lowest common denominator in his country can have food and water?

Or criticize Bush for blatant attacks on impoverished people while supporting the top of the top wealth?

Bush is BREAKING the laws in the USA. Why are we focussing on the distraction of what foreign countries' corruption? It's up to us to reign him & his corrupt crew in.

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