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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I'll ask SONY & ERIK the following questions:

  1. What country profits most from the drug war? (MOST is the key word)

  2. What country has invaded S.American countries on numerous occasions, and occasionally overthrown their governments?

  3. What country will benefit most from the Iraq war?

  4. What country will likely benefit most from Iran's subjugation?

  5. What country has the biggest investment in warfare potential and is waiting for an excuse to use that offensive power?

  6. Has the USA Govt proved it is willing to manipulate the media to get the excuses it wants to take military action? (Or did we find WMD's in Iraq? Did I miss an important report?)

  7. What does 'Toosh Shet Let Et Pu' mean?

Quoting Glenn's comment to Sony's post & my comments:
jeez, you actually answered those questions? I thought they were rhetorical...
I'm on this BLOG to exchange ideas & info. Maybe Sony or Erik (or someone else) will inform me, open my eyes to new ways of understanding world phenomena. Or vice versa. Who knows? Actually, Alien does and the Hifumus does, on occasion, influence my take on situations.
anyway, i don't actually believe that sitting around idle will actually solve anything. you know we humans can't resolve anything without spilling blood.
Interesting angle -- spill blood b/c sitting around idle is ineffective.
It's this kind of bizarre logic that, if the Iranians used it also, inspires terrorism, jyhad, and war. Perhaps Glenn's being sarcastic -- but I don't think Sony & Erik were. They're ready to launch bombs against the bad guys (no doubt just like thosee 'bad guys' want to attack who they fear as the 'bad guys').

Doesn't anyone on this BLOG subscribe to concepts like "low road & high road", and that the low road involves using violence to achieve your ends, and the high road involves using your brain & negotiation/social skills? It's always a trip to see how quickly the concepts that ground modern society get chucked out the window as soon as people become afraid. Frightened people become willing to give up their own rights and their neighbors' as well.

You know, Iran and other countries are allowed to hate the USA. That's not a crime. Giving $$$ to back terrorists is criminal, but the USA does the same thing -- even in those countries! So can the USA legitimately enforce criminal acts AND do the same acts at the same time?

When violence appears a reasonable option to you, perhaps it is YOU that lacks in reason.

I believe that the most dangerous country in the world is the USA. Dangerous to whom? To anyone that's not IN the USA now, and over time the USA (corps + govt + military) will likely be violently oppressing it's own lower and middle-class Americans as well.

Do you think El Salvador fears Iran or the USA more? What about S.America, do they fear Iran or the USA more? Is Iran gouging those countries for interest payments on loans they can't repay, and threatening to take over their ports if they default? Did Iran invade Panama & throw their leader in jail?


Blogger Sony said...

1. Not sure what country profits the most. Is that gross or per capita? Government, or entrepenuers? Colombia's government and select citizens make a bundle.

2. Pretty much all of them invaded each other and fought wars against each other. The US did likewise, but your insuiation that its actions were soemhow unique is false.

3. Iraq.

4. All countries, including Iran, will benefit from the overthrow of its regime.

5. Again, per capita or gross? As for the second part, everyone is. The world is place filled with countries looking to jack each other. Its best to be the strongest.

6. Of course. But again, its not unique in that regard.

That seems to be a recurring fallacy in your thinking, that the US is this singular bully and everything would be peaches and cream without it. But the opposite is true, its a nast horrible world out there, but the US reduces the barbarity with its presence.

6:09 PM  
Blogger REkz said...

--> re: The recurring fallacy in your thinking -- that the US is this singular bully and everything would be peaches and cream without it.

I don't think this. There is a world of 'bullies' out there, but the bullies are the govts & large corporations, not generally the small people & orgs in societies.

--> But the opposite is true, its a nasty horrible world out there, but the US reduces the barbarity with its presence.

This is a very interesting perspective, what I often hear from Americans that have either never travelled or gone only to Mexico or Canada.

The world is nasty may be true. But the USA is still in the world, I believe, no? But you don't want to acknowledge that the USA is responsible for some nastiness...

Why do I criticize the USA? B/c I'm a citizen of the USA. I believe it is patriotic to be outspoken in criticizing my country when it makes mistakes.

You seem to not acknowledge that the USA taking advantage of other weaker countries is bad. Just b/c other countries do it too is not a valid explanation for me.

Other countries have sex slaves, public executions, and worse.

But I hear the point.

As for Iraq profiting most from being taken over by the USA, it's an interesting argument. My old roommate, a right-wing Oracle sales rep, argued that EVERY country that had been at war w/the USA was better off.
He seemed to ignore the irregularities, like Russia (USSR), Mexico, El Salvador, Philipines, Viet Nam, Cambodia & Laos, and now Afghanistan could be added.

We'll see about Iraq. Only time will tell...

5:42 PM  

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