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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I think everyone should read (or re-read) '1984' by George Orwell.

There are pieces of the modern day puzzle that are so clear after I re-read that book a few months back. It's all outlined there: double think, propagandism, crazy slogans like 'war is peace', and then Goldsten (cough! Osama Bin Laden!) as the former ally-turned-traitor that can never be caught but allows all of fundamental human rights to get tossed out the window over security concerns.

I'm somewhat concerned that it looks like the Fascist Neo-Con Think Tanks read the book and are using it as their game plan.

(This post is from my most recent blog post, which also covers another topic about so-called 'Conservatives', plus Fear Tactics of NeoCons, as well as my theory that the Roman Empire never fell but instead went underground, rebranded as Institutionalized Catholicism.)

Yes, I went back to a political topic. Didn't seem like there was much discussion over the previous posts. Or maybe everyone's taking a break from the cxc blog?

There's a cool trick where you can upload video to Google video and embed it into a myspace page, or any page that uses CSS. It's not much of a trick b/c Google helps you do it ... but it's pretty cool anyway.
Looks like the Video Revolution is picking up. Soon we'll have video bombarding us from everywhere.


Blogger Sony said...

you won't really get an argument from me becasue I do think the wars are used as baseless pretence for all sorts of intrusions on civil liberties. I'm less inclined to see some cabal at the heart of it and thinks its just a messy power grab for the executive, for budget busting bureaucrats, overweening police power types, etc in the face of a cowed defense of civil liberties.

Having said that, we're still freer than in the other wars-- no draft, no alien and sedition act, no internment camps, etc.

On balance, its worse than it should be, not as bad as its been.

10:48 AM  
Blogger REkz said...

If you accept this war as NEEDING to happen, I guess so.

But I'd like to see wars stop forever.

And when overpopulation is our biggest problem, maybe there will be a solution like -- live underwater, live underground, live in flying cities, live in space.

But killing just to re-arrange which rich group controls what is sad.

I do also see history as gradual stages of improvement, tho.

2:09 PM  

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