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Monday, October 03, 2005


1st - My new Bkly pad needs TV/internet. Looking at Comcast. Anyone have recommendations? They've got this deal: $100/mo for internet + HBO + DVR.

2nd - Some stock successes: Despite Andrew's amazing market insight, he warned me against the 'little co's'. ESLR has gone from $1.30 to 9.37 (today) and will keep going up, I believe. I got in Evergreen Solar with a teeny investment and some more later. They're a silicon chip maker w/a radical new tech, 'string ribbon' solar cells. Keep your eyes on 'em!
Also I don't know HOW DYMTF (a pinksheet, ie not on an official exchange) will do, but their stock is at .55 cents/share. Dynamotive is a co that has a 'pyrolysis' technique for making biodiesel from organic waste materials. I have $500 in that stock. Exciting? Nah, but I hope they get to $8+/share. Keeping my fingers crossed on that long shot!

I'm following the logic of, if you had $10k in Microsoft when they started, you'd have TONS of $$$ just 10 yrs later. So I'm keeping my initial stock investments small, but kinda focussed on areas (alt fuels) that I hope will boom someday.

I'm trying GREEN investments, aim is to hold for 10 yrs.

(And I'd really like to buy some property, but can only afford Oregon or No Cal in the boonies. Looked at New Mexico already, too.)

Anyone care to talk about what they do investment-wise?
Maybe make a comment so we can make this 'thread-like'?


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