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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Attn: Sam & Rick, not sure why but the havenauts.com website is kinda ... well, open to being hacked. I followed the Lemons for Lemonade Blog link into that site, and it's ... sitting there wide open.

Did Sam ever put out a CD? How'd it sell? I'm asking b/c I'm planning to print up a couple hundred before the end of theyear.

I was clicking the 'name links' on the right, wondering why so few peeps reg'd w/Blogger. Thought maybe I'd find some cool stuff posted, music or something? If you guys are minorly blogger savvy, you can give yourself an ID here and have links pop from there.


Blogger A. said...

why no profile? for an illusion of privacy, although to quote Scott McNealy, CEO of Sun Microsystems: "You have no privacy, get over it"

in some article he references what he said before and after that (1999, ) but I haven't been able to find the full quote.

3:31 PM  
Blogger Samuel said...

not sure why those files are up there. it must be hosted by my old provider, i no longer have access to that site.

it looks like they erased the main page but didnt wipe the folder. weird.

12:38 PM  

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