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Thursday, August 04, 2005

My audio art frees your mind while you experience it.
Consider it a DEPROGRAMMING experience!

Here's a couple quick links:
Carlin's Bullshit Lullaby
Dark Chomsky

I was surprised that mixing speeches and homebrew techno is so powerful.
But then again, stereotonal pulses can brainwash and confuse, so why not?

Feel free to share my stuff if you know anyone that might get a kick out of it.

As to if Bush will survive thru 2008? I HOPE NOT! and so do these folks!

And do you all know there's another antiwar protest Sept 24th? Well, this includes a March on Washington. They're expecting perhaps 1 million people in attendance!

I'm surprised at how non-political & cynical people are here. For me, I feel like there were major positive social outcomes from the Equal Rights Movements of the 60's, and while there is a MASSIVE pull backwards into an antiquated pseudo-religiosity based society modeled after Evangelical Christianity, there is a similar strong pull forwards towards truly progressive thinking --> ie, social justice, equal rights, racial cohabitation, property redistribution, and destabilizing oppressive 'market systems' (which aren't really in-force in any country unless they're 3rd world impoverished, ie looking at US food production, oil subsidies, corporate subsidies, and heavy import tariffs. If markets did 'rule', I think one quick adjustment we'd see would be a larger supply of cheaper 'organic foods' on the shelves and a mass consumer shift to non-GM foods -- or prices more equivalent b/c of all the govt subsidies to farmers.)

So, lastly, I'm waiting for someone on this blog to start shooting down Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn.
Anyone going to take THAT bait?

Oops, did I open a powder keg on 8/3 at midnight? HA HA HA


Blogger Erik said...

I once again offer a wager that Bush will not be impeached. Any amount you wish, $100 minimum to make it worth my while. You want to go large I'll offer odds. I'll give you 3-1 at $1000.

And what's this about 'shooting down' Norm Chompsky and Howie Zin? Why would anyone who isn't an impressionable young coed give a rat's ass what these two old 60s relics have to say?

I love the United for Peace & Justice site... thanks for the link. I particularly like their 'accomplishments' list -- a bunch of protests in 2003 and a couple in 04. Personally, I would think a protest is means to an end, not the end itself, but I guess when your 'enemy ' is dethroning tyrants and remaking the middle east, you have to count your successes by the penny.

9:11 AM  
Blogger REkz said...

-- [re: peace protests] I guess when your 'enemy' is
dethroning tyrants and remaking
the middle east, you have to count your successes...

Wow. What an interesting perspective.

Isn't the Saudi empire a tyranny too?

From how I see it, the Bush regime has helped ENABLE tyrants & oppression/suppression. They have funneled money to worse despots than Hussein, but also including Hussein.

What would you see as a successful act of defiance against governmental power abuse? Peaceful protests of over 2 million people worldwide PRIOR to the US attacking a sovereign country that had not threatened -- that's impressive to me. In fact, it was the largest pre-war protest of all time.

I was going to take your bet, but it's foolish. I don't see what significance a 'beer room bet'

I am not willing to bet that the USA government can successfully impeach Bush at this point. There is too much graft going on (particularly in Weapons & Oil) supporting his corrupt presidency.

--Why would anyone who isn't an
impressionable young coed give a
rat's ass what these two old 60s
relics have to say

Wow. Another interesting point.

Before I argue your point, I'll name it as a cheap name-calling tactic, appealing to sophistry instead of logic.

Why study history, for that matter? Why listen to the government, since it's made up of primarily 'old relics' with a different political agenda (primarily accumulation of private wealth and disenfranchising the poor & middle classes).

I'm more suprised by the second point than by the first. If you listened to Chomsky or Zinn, you might understand your own nationalist-jingoist values better.

5:08 PM  

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