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Monday, March 22, 2004

Actual Culver City News of a sorts: Sunday's California Section to the LA Times contained a story about a lawyer whose court ordered reinstatement had been upheld by Supreme Court's failure to take up the case. The Cal Bar disbarred him, and fought his reinstatement, because he had been a drunken louse who ruined a lot of cases and stole a lot of money. When one of his clients sued him, the attorney replied with a blizzard of malicious, baseless lawsuits against that client. The Bar said his response to this client's case proved that he was not rehabilitated.

The Client was Howard Bennet, and the lawyer had lost his age-discrimination case (by missing deadlines) against the CC Unified School District. The article quoted Howie and he was still pissed. All this Sturm and Drang had earned him a $20,000 malpractice award.

My thought is that teh fact that the Attorney hates Howie Bennet is poor evidence that he remains unreasonable.


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