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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I know you guys missed me for not stirring the controversy pot for awhile, so here goes. I like this one and think you'll appreciate it as well. I didn't come up with it, unfortunately, but a Lefty friend of mine did.

He keeps pointing out that Bush's blaming Al Queda for 9/11 is also a conspiracy theory. And it's a pretty ludicrious theory at that.

I kept waiting for the evidence Bush supposedly presented to Blair and Congress that clearly showed Al Queda and Bin Laden were responsible ... but all I saw was a repeated 'mass hypnosis' video showing 2 planes hitting the WTC. I sure don't think I saw that evidence we were supposed to be shown. Did anyone see this evidence???

I guess it's a realistic conspiracy theory that an operation run by a former CIA agent on dialysis from hi-tech tunnels in Afghanistan (that we could never find) coordinated teams to hijack planes to knock down the WTC (and building 7) and crash into the Pentagon and then somehow hide that plane's parts as evidence.

Maybe Al Queda also got all the black boxes to those flights as well, b/c they're not available to the public although the odds that none of those boxes survived is ... zero.

My theory is that the right-wing military paid Al Queda to fight in Afghanistan, and when Bush' ratings were really low, they might've asked for a favor to help Bush gain popularity. However, that crazy Bush took his created 'Pearl Harbor' accident and went too far by attacking Iraq.

But what's the point of having political capital if you can't use it to strategic advantage?

And probably Marvin Bush was a factor, as well as the insurance policies on the WTC, Saudi bribes to Bush family, and huge impact on ability to trace drug money investments in NY Stock Exchange.

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Blogger Sony said...

The video taped footage of Osama telling everyone that Al Qaeda planned it, although it was even more successful then he hoped, is all the proof I needed. No one disputed the translation or providence of the tape.

11:35 AM  
Blogger Erik said...

You are either full of shit or bat-shit crazy. Either way, shit is involved.

8:47 AM  

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