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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Posted a new poem to my BLOG: Unreported Criminals. ENJOY!

After these comment responses to my last post, , I figured I should respond as a whole new post.
  • Sony said... The video taped footage of Osama telling everyone that Al Qaeda planned it, although it was even more successful then he hoped, is all the proof I needed. No one disputed the translation or providence of the tape.
Actually, the identity of Bin Laden in the videos has been disputed by 911truth.org, who argue that pictures of Osama bin Laden now are a different person than before the attacks. I suggest you take a look yourself. I'm not saying they're the same or different, just repeating the info. Also, apparently a researcher disputes the video itself. Interesting article, very thorough.

I haven't looked personally into whether the translation's been disputed or not.

I do know that when the American contractor guy was beheaded, I had a Persian coworker friend who said, "That's strange, all those guys are speaking with foreign accents".

This broadcast stuck out for me for a long time... Why would terrorists videotape cutting off someone's head, get it to the foreign media, and then that media show it on American TV ... when American media doesn't show ANY of the violence American troops have delivered?
The answer I came up with: enrage the American people, build up support for govt and for the war.
Otherwise, we'd undoubtedly see the footage CNN Europe shows, with all kinds of dead Iraqi people. But the American CNN newsfeed is filtered.
  • Erik said... You are either full of shit or bat-shit crazy. Either way, shit is involved.
Right. Uh huh. Well, addressing this type of clearly logical argument takes longer to ponder the appropriate response.

How about this: you believe in the conspiracy theory that Osama Bin Laden was able to blow up the WTC buildings remotely from Afghanistan from hi-tech caves. You believe G.Bush Jr is a capable President effectively handling the war on Iraq despite all his vacation time, and feel that he doesn't deserve his low ratings b/c he is a 'uniter' and an able 'decider'. You believe that, despite being AWOL, beginning an unconstitutional war (also illegal by Geneva Accord), and scamming two elections, Bush is to be trusted on his info that Bin Laden did it.

Last point, you believe that, despite Bin Laden receiving $2 billion in money from Bush's dad and the CIA in the past (to build up Al Queda to fight foreign communist incursions), and the documented Bush family loyalty to Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Bin Laden family, you don't think Osama Bin Laden would've informed the Bush family or the CIA that he'd be attacking ... and you definitely don't think that perhaps the CIA might have asked him to do it so the USA could renew the Christian Crusades against the Middle East, and Bush could have a popularity spike?
Well, as to who's 'full of shit' on this one ... buying any of this scenario seems pretty full of shit to me. I also chose not to stoop so low as to make a personal attack on anyone b/c of their disagreement with my viewpoint. So, I guess I'd say it'd be BUSH has a bunch of secret shit that we don't know about?


Blogger Sony said...

Those links don't seem to work.

2:25 PM  
Blogger Erik said...

Please stop boring us with your lunatic ravings -- I DEMAND IT.

6:14 PM  

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