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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

If these facts are correct, and I think they are, what are the implications of 40 percent of Californians and 32% of Americans not paying any income taxes? Of families earning over $100,000 paying three quarters of the $30 billion in state income taxes California collected in tax year 2003?

Well, first, I think it should put to rest the canard that the rich run this country. If that's true, why do they let themselves get hosed and let the poor not pay any tax? Even better, not only don't they pay taxes, teh working poor get cash credits from the federal governement for working. Getting services without paying for them, that doesn't happen in most of the world, so how can any one claim the poor are trodden upon in this country?

Next, what is the moral foundation of allowing equal votes in allocation of income receipts when 40% of the electorate don't contribute to those receipts? Utility? Christianity? communist? Leo Strauss? Which moral system supports this?

Finally, when democratic society divides between those who pay into the fisc and those who don't, is that a healthy community? One where everyone feels they have a stake, or one where the tragedy of the commons will be repeated?

Food for thought.....


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