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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bubba Wells Update. For the Farragut CC crowd. At my book club on sunday, I mentioned CC and one guy asked if i went to school there. Turns out he is married to Barbara Wells daughter. I almost said, "BUBBA Wells?!", but restrained myself. She is now Dr. Barbara Wells, staff at the UCLA Graduate School of Education.


Blogger REkz said...

I liked Mrs Wells, she was probably the best Math/Sci teacher I had at Culver.

I had the most hilarious sub teachers in her class, incl the pencil neck guy w/the weird nose (I think he went on to become a f/t teacher), and then there was the Sikh, Mr Khalsa, who ran thru some equations and problems -- and then taught us self-defense (popping eardrums, kicks to groin, chokes, arm breaks, etc).

Everyone loved Chakshiri's class, but I thought she was pretty worthless.

12:11 PM  
Blogger Samuel said...

never had bubba, but i do remember (feared) her. always good to hear good CxC news.

anyone remember the name of the crazy sub who thought whistling let ghosts into your body? and claimed he had a talking worm in his head? Mr Smith? What a trip. I think AD knows who i'm walking about.

What about the lady who looked (and acted) like an Oz witch? wow, sucked to be her, i think even I gave her shit!

Sony, or other Farragut Foxes, what about Mr. Smith (?). The big black security guard guy who looked like he was ready for the UFC but was a teddy bear and during a school newspaper interview confided he was an amateur pilot.

I do remember Sikh Khalsa who had AD and me build drywall wall subsections then proceeded to punch through them. At the time impressive, but after working with drywall it all seems a little sad.

On a side note, there is a positive CxC prosect is in the making. A kid I coached from age 7 - 13, Darius Banks (Kinston st. resident), is making noise in the football prep scene. Last I heard ranked #1 in Cali and #5 in the US. Couldn't happen to a better kid.

ok, enough of the Culver City love fest :)

10:25 PM  

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