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Monday, July 07, 2003

Kobe, Kobe, Kobe. I hope this is just a ploy to promote a thuggier image. Or maybe they were playing nerf hoop and he teabagged her.

EK: Hmmm...looking at that first Kobe article makes me wonder...how do I really get in touch with HotBabe67? ;)

sl: [ gary, what size ring do you need?

and in other NBA news, i thought this was a great take on stoudamire's latest "weed" issues:

Matt (Portland, OR): Ken, any comments on Stoudamire's monumental stupidity?

Ken Bikoff: (6:02 PM ET ) It is just stunning. Who goes through a metal detector with his weed wrapped in aluminum foil? That's a new low for ignorance. Just the fact that he had weed was bad enough, let alone try to take it on a plane post 9-11. Ridiculous.

and also

blazer's to make major cuts ... this is really all based on one fourth quarter breakdown when portland took their foot off the laker's throat in 2000 and choked on the world's largest chicken bone. blazer's win that one and they waltz to get their rings. ]

sl again: thought it was interesting kidd is staying in NJ, and Zoe deciding to go to NJ too. I guess even stacking the Spurs with more talent just doesn't seem good enough anymore after the Laker's incredible summer. If Zoe is healthy the whole season the Nets get back to the finals with ease. Unfortunately they meet Dream Team III.


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