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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Sony said, "You said he's complicit in 9/11 in order to take power and create an imperial dynasty. But now its something else, a series of financial windfalls."

When I said Bush Jr wants to be King, I meant he wants to hold power in a way unlike a democratically elected President. He aspires to be a tyrant. Whether he wants the title or not seems irrelevant to the role of King, but my guess is he doesn't want the title of King. He just wants everything else. And from where I'm sitting, he keeps maneuvering closer & closer.

Sorry I wore you out, Sony.

Here's my question for Sony: who is General Smedley Butler and what did he do as related to Prescott Bush? Hint: Attempted coup vs FDR

Erik said, "I call bullshit -- BULLSHIT! -- on you Ari. I don't think you actually believe that. I think you like how you feel when you say things like that, like you're part of some sort of through-the-looking-glass secret society of ubernerds who have glimpsed the real Truth. ... So, to test my theory, I propose a wager. I say that there will be an orderly transition of executive power in January 2009; you say "might not happen." I will give you 200-1 odds on a $100 bet against. You could win $20,000!!! And all you have to do is stand behind your words. What's not to like?"

Erik, I'm happy to see you got excited. As for your wager, can't beat the odds. But do I really want to bet IN FAVOR of Bush' succeeding? Hell no! So I've gotta pass. I don't want to bet in favor of a Bush coup!

If you want to call BULLSHIT, I suggest you consider:
The 'terror alerts' that are posted by the WhiteHouse are BULLSHIT. Bush's lack of any immediate response (and zero accountability) on 9/11 is BULLSHIT. The illegal preemptive Iraq War is BULLSHIT. Using torture is BULLSHIT. Marvin Bush helping to 'secure' the WTC is BULLSHIT. The Patriot Act is BULLSHIT. Cheney having NORAD stand down on 9/11 is BULLSHIT.
Not impeaching Bush for a) violating Constitution, b) tampering with the vote, c) Haliburton no-bid contracts, d) taking excessive vacations while President, e) Hurricane Cathrina response negligence, f) Alberto Gonzalez, g) Valerie Plame, h) wire-tapping, i) war crimes, and more is BULLLSHIT.

Let me make one last point -- I didn't support Bill Clinton b/c he was too center line for me. But Bush/Cheney make Bill Clinton look like an amazing President by contrast. It's shocking. They almost make Reagan seem like he wasn't a senile doddering fool, and show how Quayle was a successful test-run for the Bush style of 'laughable incompetence' for leadership -- while pushing thru scandals (Reagan's was Iran-Contra, Bush's include 'the oil wars' and attacking the core of a democratic society).

So I'm passing on your bet ... in favor of HOPE.

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Blogger Erik said...

Dude, you're missing the point. Either, A) Bush leaves, or B) You win $20,000. Seems like a win-win for you.

And speaking of missing the point... my calling bullshit is not on your theory, but on whether YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE your theory.

I've called you out on one, provable fact. Do you or do you not believe there will be an orderly transition of power in January 2009?

The only reason you could possibly have to refuse my wager is that you know I'm right: When push comes to shove, you don't actually believe this nonsense that you're spouting.

Prove me wrong, Ari, prove me wrong.

5:22 PM  
Blogger Ari said...

B/c I think something is more and more likely to happen doesn't mean I'd lay money down in favor of it happening.

I see it like this: Bush/Cheney have done a lot to secure their positions so they do not have to step down in event of emergency, and can extend their stays in power indefinitely. (Why? To take more vacations and give more contracts to Haliburton, of course.)

I do not want to bet they will do this. I do not want them to do this. I pray that they don't do this.

So I can't take your bet.

I would bet that I disagree with you on almost all of your political opinions, and probably much of your personal values as well.

I think we're different, that's all. I don't think you have any insight into what it's like to be a Jewish person in the USA watching Christian Fascism come back to world power.

Call it bullshit, call it whatever you want. In the end, it's a win win bet for you. But for me, it'd be a lose lose bet.

Why not try bet me on whether the total dead in Iraq will exceed 2 million before the war is over? (Now it's confirmed over 1 million dead, btw.) I'm not going to make that bet, that's sick. But if we go by a Korean or Vietnam War comparison, that would be low numbers of dead innocent civilians.

Maybe someone else will take your bet. I hope you get to play your betting game with someone.

12:09 AM  

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