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Friday, April 13, 2007

Man, lets talk about something else for a while.. Tell me what you are listening to or watching over on the Tunetalk and Matinee Mixup blogs.. links at left but if you want to post just pick the different blog in the dashboard...

more change the subject topics:
for HDTV: Cable or satellite? Is satellite really cheaper or are they all just running the bait and switch intro offers. I hear dish is ok, w. lots of channels. I am going to see how long I can go without any just for fun (my guess, <1 mo.)

for internet: DSL or Cable? It all seems to be getting faster. I favor DSL right now cuz I am po'ed at the cable co.

whats new in yalls life and what do you want to be new? I am moving. it sucks. Any tips? I am having problems throwing shit away but gotta get in mode. 1 week to go.

oh yeah I will prolly fall out for a bit as i move & get reconnected.. catch ya on the flipside.

Someone figure out a better template please.


Blogger Erik said...

Unlike some (many?), I have never had a problem with DirecTV. Great customer service, reception, everything. Ask JV about the Dish and you'll never ever be tempted to go there. So DTV or cable: you prolly don't care about the exclusive MLB or NFL packages, so the channel selection should be the same.

You don't get on-demand with satellite, but that never bothered me because of my ginormous tivo drive (~750Gb). I haven't upgraded my service to HD yet -- once I do I may need a couple of terabytes. (Side note: at work we've projected our radiological imaging storage needs at 1-2 petabytes. Yes, the p-word: get used to it. We'll be talking exabytes soon enough.)

As far as HD, I guess DTV got their hand slapped over the "we have 3 times the capacity" claim, so it looks like a wash. I've read that DTV and digital cable have exactly the same quality of signal (analog cable not so much, obviously).

Where are you moving to?

I may be moving pretty soon too, and will be facing some of the same choices since I have 3 BRs and an attic full of crap. One good method I've heard is to rent a storage unit near your place for 6 months, then at the end of the term reevaluate whether the expense is worth keeping whatever you are storing. Another is to just aggressively cull everything that is replaceable (e.g. not antique furniture, rare or signed books, artwork, pics and memorabilia).

New in my life: finally replaced my Cougar after 10+ years with a new-to -me Audi TT Coupe. Zoom zoom zoom!

Want to be new: I've got to get out of this neighborhood, soon.

8:51 AM  
Blogger A. said...

I heard storage is pretty expensicve ($200/mo for 5'x5'?) that technique does sound like it would make moving easier but I know I would end up just continuously paying for it.

is the neighborhood sketching out or you just sick of it? that TT got a nice shape.

10:59 AM  
Blogger Erik said...

The neighborhood as gone down hill, primarily because of the hood neighbors.

The place next to me has been leased to Cal Athletics... three football players in a one-room apartment for example. Mostly those guys don't bother me (Mike and Kathleen OTOH, have to deal with them weekly), but it's still like living next to a dorm.

A few doors down from that the people are just plain ghetto -- no other adjective comes close.

In the wiki-ish Urban Dictionary, someone submitted a definition of ghetto (adj.) as "wearing PJs in public places." That's more of an e.g., but certainly gets right to the heart of it.

9:19 AM  
Blogger Samuel said...

i've definately seen them in their pjs. at least they look like they're wearing the clothes they slept in.

I've had bad customer service with Dtv but i didn't really have any options in my area. You definately need some HD with the TV you have though.

My best advice for the move is to get rid of alot of crap. Before my move to the Bay, I unloaded so much crap none of which i remember or have missed. Old clothes & books can be bulky & heavy and easily donated releaving a huge packing burdon. time to get rid of those 5 1/4" floppies? :) probably those outdated mobos and pci cards too. i could have put 4 crappy PCs together with the electronics i trashed.

good luck to you and paige.

10:19 AM  
Blogger Samuel said...

oh, and as soon as i can i'll make a new template. we need a real CxC theme. just not sure what that is at the moment.

8:18 AM  
Blogger Sony said...

The HD hook-up is expensive, both for Cable and DirecTV. If you have an HD TV, you can get all the local stations in HD with a plain antenna.

When we moved, we went without DirecTV/Cable for 12 months, just local crap on the antenna. That will give you more time to sort through your junk. I wanted to extend the experiment but mi wife ("Mao says women hold up half the sky") called bullshit and got us a 1080p Sony and DirecTV. Its nice, but I miss the simpler times. You live for uncensored syndicated Southpark at 10pm.

I have to register my kid for kindergarden next weel.

2:12 PM  

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