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Saturday, November 04, 2006

(2005 news) Bush Administration Eliminating 19-year-old International Terrorism Report by Jonathan S. Landay, Knight Ridder Newspapers, April 15, 2005:

Patterns of Global Terrorism has ended! No, not the terrorism, just the report and those silly statistics, which would probably only have encouraged the terrorists anyways. you see, the methodology changed, which would make comparisons useless. and why waste time compiling useless statistics, like that M3 nonsense

more henny penny the dollar is falling links?
I gotta sort these, prolly bust em out into another post, and I am still looking for a specific quote from a site which I lost, something along the lines of us selling our future to china on a platter from walmart. The question is with all this foreign stuff we are buying, what are we producing here in the us to offset that?
The New Face of Class war
I think what sticks out was something I previously heard about them outsourcing the order taking at McDonalds via high techery. Something is really scary about that.
The End of Dollar Hegemony
How Far will the Dollar Fall (1/2/04)

a massive crash is coming conspiracy rant (I've only skimmed, yes it is kind of kooky) about schools, fiat dollars, oil, stocks, debt, housing, etc. Its so long there is probably something true in there.
His conclusion: Buy gold coins, avoid ATM fees & debt.
I thought he was building to something better than that.
I believe his mortgage calculation resulting in "true total interest rate" of 144% is a little misleading (disregarding annualizing it), but I have heard making extra principal only payments is not a bad thing to do.


Blogger Sony said...

That counterpunch guy sounds like landed French aristocrats in the 16th Century: "Oh those British shepherds won't amount to anything with their little befogged island, look how much land we have, we'll be rich forever!" No one understood how commerce can just create wealth. They all held onto land and gold and "family jewels" and thought they'd be rich forever.

He's also got a slippery grasp of facts.

Jobs are "lost" through automation and defunct industries more than through offshoring. Why doesn't he blame bush for eliminating Rotory Phone manufacturing, the loss of frozen yogurt franchises and carbeurator cleaners?

Plus, we create tons of new jobs. Think about how many people are employed selling coffee, selling mobile phone plans, litigating.

Last, standard of living has increased. Wage stagnation is only part of the story-- think about how cheap books & TVs are, home depot has depressed the price for remodeling, easy credit for opening business, for education, etc. Wages buy more stuff. Even gas is cheaper than in the 70s, using current dollar values.

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