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Monday, October 30, 2006

Hadji Girl, a song in poor taste, but the audience seems to appreciate it, got pulled from Youtube, suprised its on Goog Vids, nods to Team America movie (Durka durka muhammed jihad). Hey cut the boys some slack they got a rough job over there. Wiki on that in case the audio is too poor for you.

Kidnapped interpreter married Iraqi girl, hope it has a happier ending than the song.

Mark Humphrys site, more links in there than I will ever be able to read, some interesting takes and links to Iraq war, military & iraqi blogs, 9/11 stuff. (islamofascism is bad, mmkay, democracy is goood)

Darwin awards: Hardcore rock climber, pioneering Base jumper dead.


Blogger Erik said...

I didn't see it in that article, but I read somewhere that it was some base jumping event and after the guy died they got his body out of the way and the rest kept jumping. Hard core, man, but I dig the dedication.

8:31 PM  

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