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Monday, October 16, 2006

crazy kooked out conspiracy AD rants: and did you hear the one about the seeds man, the seeeedss.. oh no, back to bird flu and Jackson Stephens, and even in Iraq?(closes eyes and covers ears)


Blogger Sony said...

Google the Leo Wanta plan for anutty conspiracy. It just needs some Nigerians to be more believable.

11:33 AM  
Blogger Sony said...

"It proves deep-held suspicions that the Gene Revolution is not about ‘solving the world hunger problem’ as its advocates claim. It’s about handing over control of the seeds for mankind’s basic food supply—rice, corn, soybeans, wheat, even fruit, vegetables and cotton—to privately owned corporations."

Actually, I doubt its about either of those things. Its about making ducats by selling to willing (or, in Iraq, captive) buyers. Monsanato's out to make a buck, not take over the world. Their method, like most modern manufacturers of games, music, etc, is to call their commodity not a "good" but an "intellectual property license" which confers restrictive rights on them that mere sale of goods don't. If you don't like it, don't buy, or lobby your congressman (or, in Iraq, your Quaestor).

11:40 AM  
Blogger REkz said...

Monsanto actually IS aggressively using this as a power move. They have been sueing large numbers of American farmers -- and winning, which is outrageous -- if Monsanto's genetics show up in their crops. Here's more on that.

They also have a number of interesting legal issues around the "Round Up" crop spray and gene mods being used.

Mexico & Japan have banned GM foods, however Monsanto's corn genes have gotten into Mexico (via air and food trade).

Mexico apparently has over 200 strains of corn and does not want their genetics impacted, but they have not solved the problem of what is called "gene hopping".

Apparently, "gene hopping" occurs in plants as well, where genetic strains added into one plant show up in entirely different plant families.

As I said before, every (supposed) revolution produces pollution, and the outcome of genetic pollution will not be good.

That Monsanto (or any co) could have the rights to mess with the life-code and potentially impact the entire planet -- without the public voting on this -- is yet another abuse of corporate rulership.

Good movie was The Future of Food. Disturbing, but good.

12:21 PM  
Blogger REkz said...

That seed article link was about "the suicide gene", which apparently is one of the top concerns of green NGO's that are opposing GM foods.

If the 'suicide gene' were to start hopping across food strains, as apparently other GM food traits are doing, we could have massive worldwide famine.

The movie 'The Future of Food' (I gave the link above) also said that GM foods don't necessarily even produce better crops, it takes multiple generations of crops for Monsanto (& other corps) to fine-tune their seeds to the area. Which, frankly, natural farming methods have done for years and w/far less risk.

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Blogger A. said...

About a month ago Bayers (BAY, 50.60) weed-killer resistant strain of rice, "Liberty Link rice 601", that is not yet approved for sale, was found in an Arkansas silo, also in shipments into Europe.

Today (10/23) The EU is voting on mandatory testing of all US rice imports.

CNBC reports shipments may just end (replaced by Thailand rice) rather than risk shipments being sent back.

japan too
U.S. officials say testing for genetically-modified rice strains is difficult and expensive. The U.S. Department of Agriculture said the amount of genetically-modified rice found in a shipments from Arkansas and Missouri was equivalent to six grains of rice per 10,000.

Sixteen European countries and Japan have effectively banned all imports of GE rice.

and yes Ari, those are my exact concerns, what happens when control of the 'self-destruct' gene is lost?.

Monsanto (MON) 44

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