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Monday, July 24, 2006

well, to take it in another direction, here are a few stock concepts cribbed from CNBC that I will probably never flesh out: (not in any of them)

Casino plays
LVS, Sands, opening in Macau
IGT, makes the slots, 70% of mkt, venetian 98 (huh?), casinos, tracks & barges
SGMS, lotto and OTBS (off track betting) machines

Cramers travel/leisure best of breed, baby boomer plays:
FS, Four seasons/ OEH, Orient express hotels?
BKS, Barnes and Nobles, singles pickup joints (?)
AXP, amex, mfers be payin fo em

Steakhouses with pricing power/high margins:
MRT Mortons
RUTH Ruth Chris

Vid card plays: (what yall runnin these days?)
NVDA, Nvidia
ATYT, ATI, damn i might have missed it: (7/23 AMD to buy ATI?)

wtf is going to happen to american carmakers?

oh yeah someone said Chinese and Singaporean stem cell research companies. (Input, doctor?)


Blogger Sony said...

It just seems like everything's getting hammered. Seems like a good time to start shorting stuff (e.g., American automakers). Inflation, stagnating wages, uncertain oil supplies, incomptent leadership, war, etc. I can't imagine any sustained bump until 2008 presidential election.

12:20 PM  

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